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June 17 - July 4, 2011

God has abundantly blessed our ministry this quarter! In September Darrell was in three cities in Maranhao, Brazil, helping missionary Marcelo de Oliveiro train lay pastor/church planters.

"In five years we have trained 360 bivocational pastors who have started 60 new churches."  One of these churches was "The Mango Tree Baptist Church" started by a lay pastor trained in our seminary. It was started under a mango tree, thus creatively, it was named "The Mango Tree Baptist Church."

"Now they have a building with the vision/mission of the church painted above the door; Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saints, Evangelize the Sinner!" (See photo at right.)

Now, the Mango Tree Baptist Church has started a new church that meets under a cashew tree! "Wow! These lay pastor/church planters and their people are doing much with little!"          

Cashew Tree
Cashew Tree Baptist Meeting Place
Pastor Clayton & Wife, Eliane - Mango Tree Baptist
Pastor Clayton & Wife, Eliane - Mango Tree Baptist

Total Church Life Book

  Woman too ugly to be saved!  

In September, Marcelo and I led Total Church life Seminars and People Sharing Jesus Seminars in three of the most poverty stricken towns in Brazil:

Humberto de Campo - Trained 50 seminary students and soul winners; led 22 people to profession of faith.

Goncalves Dias - Trained 100 seminary students and soul winners and led 26 to a profession of faith.

Viana - Trained 70 seminary students and soul winners and led 19 to a profession of faith.

"In spite of their poverty, these people were willing to do what they could and use what they had to reach the lost."

Ana thought she was too ugly to be saved

In Viana I had the great joy of leading a 77 year old woman to Christ. She came to the meeting, but seemed to be very sad.  I spoke to her. She said she was not a believer and could not be saved because she was so ugly!  I told her that she was not ugly, but that Jesus died for everyone and for her too!  She said everyone called her ugly.  I told her that Jesus does not call her ugly, but loves her so much that He died for her.  I shared the Lifeline Presentation with her, and she prayed and received Christ with joy!

Pictured above is Ana, who thought she could not be saved because she was so ugly. "Thank God that His grace is not dependent on our attractiveness.  If so, I would be in terrible trouble."

Sophia received the Gospel at Breakfast

I left Ana and walked down the street in the dark.  Two houses down from the church, nine men were gathered in front of a house. 

I approached them and asked, "May I share with you the Plan of God for your lives?" They said, "Yes." I shared the Lifeline Presentation of the Gospel with them!  Together they all prayed and received Christ.  I asked them to take my hand and say that they are committing their lives to Christ.  Eight of them did!  One turned and went away.

Down the street I found a duplex with 14 people in front.  Nine of them prayed and received Christ.  The field is white unto harvest.  We were in Maranhao to train and equip the leaders and people to enter the harvest!

In the morning a young woman, Sophia, served a simple breakfast of bread, papaya and bananas.  She received the Gospel with joy and prayed and received Christ.

The field is white unto harvest.
  Strange sight for a Texan...A Cotton Tree!  
This tall tree had cotton balls on its limbs!  The explanation I was given was that since there is no winter, the cotton plant continues to grow into a tree and continues to produce cotton.  I got a boll of the cotton to bring home.  I would surely not like to have to pick cotton from this tree.
Cotton Tree
  Cotton Tree Darrell and cotton boll
On to Valadaris, Menais Gerias Brazil...

Long time friend  Pastor Bruno and wife, Alzeira invited me to their affluent First Baptist Church, Valadaris.

What a contrast!  Affluent people!  Great Church!  Mining Industry!  They even paid for my trip there.  

God richly blessed; may were saved; many trained and went out on the streets witnessing.  A very wealthy businessman whose son was a doctor and daughter was a lawyer invited me to a fabulous dinner their servants had prepared.  It was delicious and the fellowship delightful.

"What a contrast!  But people were responsive to the Gospel whether wealthy or in poverty."

Darrell Robinson, Pastor Bruno, Odilon
Darrell Robinson, Pastor Bruno, Odilon
Menais Gerias Brazil
Menais Gerias Brazil
During this time, Pastor Odilon has led hundreds to Christ through Total Church Life Ministries in Brazil (made possible by your giving) by leading seminars and training people to share Jesus home-to-home.  Almost none of the churches Odilon goes to can afford to pay for his expenses; and with the devaluation of the U.S. dollar vs Brazilian currency, his small salary has diminished.  One of our ministry needs is to increase Odilon's salary to compensate for the reduced value of the U.S. dollar. 

People were responsive
to the Gospel
whether wealthy
or in poverty.

  Back home in Big Spring, Texas!  

Back to the Good Old USA!  Immediately Kathy and I started our Fall Ministry in the USA, beginning in my hometown of Big Spring, Texas. How God blessed with an outpouring of revival and people being saved!

Pastor and Director of Missions John McCullough and wife Cyndi are fabulous.  We stayed in their lovely, classic home which they have remodeled and updated and are using for the glory of the Lord. 

I trained pastors and leaders while Kathy led a women's conference.  We also held a revival at Pastor John's Central Baptist Church.  God gave an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and people were saved.

What a blessing to be back home in Conroe, Texas!  My family gave me a birthday party on Wednesday night and many new and old friends came. God blessed greatly!

One Story!  My friend Wayne and I went out to witness to an older friend of Wayne's who had spiritual needs.  We went to his home, but he would not invite us in.  He did agree to come out to our car.  Wayne suggested that we go to the Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard®.  At the table I shared the Gospel.  The older man had assurance of salvation, but was concerned about some things. 

We prayed, but as we talked, I notice an Hispanic woman in the booth next to us with tears in her eyes.  I moved over to her booth and asked permission to speak to her.

Pastor John McCullough and Belma
Pastor John McCullough presenting Belma
  Belma said that she did not know why she had come to the DQ alone in the afternoon.  She never did that! But now she said that she knew God had brought her to hear what she had heard.  She prayed and received Christ.  That night she came to the crusade and came forward and shared her testimony.  "Truly God gave us a Divine Appointment!"  
Many Saved at Deaf College Luncheon
Kathy Robinson and Friends at Deaf Luncheon
Many were saved at a Deaf College luncheon. Kathy Robinson is shown at left making new friends at the luncheon.
Truly God gave
us a
Divine Appointment
  Glorious time at beautiful orange beach, Alabama  

We had a glorious time at beautiful Orange Beach, AL - First Baptist Church with their great pastor Dr. John Price and wife, Wanda!

"Pastor John and the people had prepared well, God gave a great outpouring of revival and several accepted Christ!"

God did a mighty work!  Economic times have been difficult due to the BP oil spill in Orange Beach, but the people are focusing on Jesus!  What a joy to see faithful servants focusing on Him!

Dr. John & Wanda Price
Professions of Faith
Dr. John & Wanda Price
Professions of Faith, Last Night.  Many Witness Commitments
  On to Mobile, Alabama...  
Pastor's Luncheon - God richly blessed with the commitment of local pastors to reach Mobile for Christ"Pastors and people committed to reach the lost in their primary ministry areas with the Gospel!"  
Mobile Baptist Association
  Total Church Life Ministries Seminar at Dauphin Way Baptist Church  
I taught a Total Church Life Ministries Seminar at Dauphin Way Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Attendance was from the local area, including Monroeville, Alabama.

Total Church Life Book

Dauphin Way Baptist Church
Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile, AL
  Preached at Cottage Hill Baptist Church  

I preached at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, on Sunday morning.  More than 500 worshippers committed to go door-to-door to share Jesus!

I taught Incredibly Gifted Seminar at Cottage Hill Baptist Church on Sunday evening.

Incredibly Gifted Book
500 Committed
to Witness
Pastor Keith Thomas
Pastor Keith Thomas and more than 500
who committed to witness
  We returned to sadness for our family!  

Kathy's dear sister, Jean Smith, and my Assistant for many years of Pastoral Ministry at First Baptist Church, Pasadena, Texas, and at Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile Alabama, received her home call from the Lord on October 25, 2010.  Jean had aneurysm surgery below her heart, but never recovered.  Jean was precious, so much more that a family member to us.  She ministered with us faithfully for many years.  She was a great witness and soul winner for our Lord.

It was God's time!  Therefore, though we sorrow, we rejoice in our Lord that she is at home with Jesus.

Memorials for Jean can be sent to Total Church Life Ministries for which she served as a Board Member.

"Praise the Lord that He has victory in every situation for us in Jesus!"

Kathy Robinson & Jean Smith
Kathy Robinson & Jean Smith
  Year end charitable giving...  

It's the time of year when many of us decide on end of year charitable giving.

Christmas is a time when we reflect and give thanks for the Lord’s abundant goodness in our lives. Many individuals and families express their thanks by sharing their financial resources with religious, educational and charitable organizations that depend on their support to carry out the mission of Christ.

Total Church Life Ministries (TCL) is totally supported by generous gifts from supporters like you and the gifts of people to whom we minister to all around the world.  Many times we receive no compensation for travel or living expenses when we minister in third world countries or poverty stricken areas.  Ministry materials are often donated to churches who cannot afford to buy them.  Kathy and I take no salary from TCL.  TCL is a 501C-3 corporation and as such, contributions are tax deductable.

Below are a few ministry opportunities you can be involved in:

  • Train pastors in Italy in TCL strategy                                                         $  3,000
  • Publish and print TCL book in Italian                                                        $10,000
  • Train 400 pastors & leaders in TCL strategy in East India                   $20,000
  • Witness Training in Cuba with university students                                $  5,000
  • Publish PSJ, TCL and Incredibly Gifted in Portuguese                         $15,000
  • Republish Doctrine of Salvation                                                                 $  8,000
  • Reprint other needed ministry materials                                                  $  8,000
  • Travel and ministry expense for Odilon in Brazil                                     $10,000
      (Almost none of the churches Odilon goes to can afford to pay for his
  • Darrell, Robin, et. al., to assist in ministry in Brazil                                 $8,000
  • Ministry in U.S. to small churches                                                              $10,000
    (The majority of U.S. churches are in this category and can't afford the materials
     or pay for travel expenses.  These bi-vocational pastor need help and are
     reaching the lost.)
  • Travel and ministry expense for CPT Robin Robinson

If you would like to participate in the world-wide evangelistic ministry of TCL by a tax deductible gift, we would be honored to receive your gift.  You can be assured that every penny given to TCL will be used for evangelism activities to reach the lost for Jesus all around the world.

You can make your check payable to:

Total Church Life Ministries
88 West Sandalbranch Circle
Spring, Texas 77384

I will send you a receipt by return mail and a small gift as a heart-felt thank you for your support. 

With appreciation and prayers,

Darrell and Kathy
          Darrell and Kathy Robinson

Dr. Darrell Robinson
Darrell Robinson

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Evangelize the Sinner

Merry Christmas

With our appreciation and prayers,

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