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Darrell Robinson
September -- November, 2007


August 24-27:  Darrell was with Pastor Robert Berry, outstanding pastor of Bluff Avenue Baptist, Ft. Smith, AR and Associational Evangelism Director, leading a TCL Conference with the Association and preaching at Bluff Ave.
August 28-31:  Darrell accompanied Pastor Odilon to Mobile, AL where they met with pastors and individuals about the possibility of their giving support to the TCL Ministry in Brazil where Odilon is coordinator.  Many were interested and made commitments to monthly support.  They gave immediately $4,500 for Odilon to be able to return to Brazil and continue the work there.  Some $1,500 monthly has been committed of the $2,000 monthly need.
Odilon and Supporters, Archie & Fay Richardson, and Georg Bangs

Plans were made with Bill Robison, representative of Thomas Nelson Publishers, to reprint the People Sharing Jesus New Testament at a cost of more than $31,000.00.  They should be ready by February.  Many requests come for copies of them.

Our family celebrated our granddaughter, Rachel's, second birthday with a joyful party.  She is the daughter of Robin and Jody Robinson.                 
 Robin & Rachel
Rachel, Christian, & Katie
Darrell and Kathy had a blessed week of revival and People Sharing Jesus with Dr. Greg Potts and FBC, Dallas, GA.  God moved greatly through His Spirit.  Pastor Greg said it was real revival.

Robin Robinson as a Captain in the Army Reserve, ministered through preaching and personal counseling as Chaplain to several Soldiers and their families in crisis.  Robin and Jody began working with Young Adults at Memorial Baptist Church, Spring, TX.

Darrell flew to Hampton, VA to assist Rev. Mark Reon and Pine Chapel Baptist Church with a People Sharing Jesus weekend.  Mark is doing a great job of leading the church to be evangelistic.        
God gave a wonderful movement of revival at Northside Baptist Church where Clydel Chapman, one of our finest pastors has served for more than 40 years.  Darrell taught Incredibly Gifted at the morning meetings and preached revival messages at night.  Clydel has been a friend of Darrell's since their boyhood days.  This was the second time in seven years for Darrell to be with him and the church.  Clydel has led the church to grow through faithful Biblical and doctrinal preaching and consistent evangelism.
At the invitation of David Kimberly, Director of Missions, Darrell, Kathy, and Robin participated in four Annual Associational Meetings by having a Total Church Life Ministries booth at each.  The associations were:  Hill County Assn. meeting at Open Range Cowboy Church, Whitney, TX; Leon Assn., at FBC, Jewett, TX; Corsicana Assn. at FBC, Corsicana, TX; and Bi-Stone Assn. at FBC, Fairfield, TX.
Doris Thomas & Kathy Robinson
Darrell & Kathy Robinson
A unique opportunity came when Pastor Steve Chin, Woodland's Christ's Church, invited TCL Ministries to do an evangelism retreat for the church at Camp Cho Yeh near Livingston, TX.  The church is primarily Korean, but is multi-national.  Attending were people of Korean, Chinese, African American, and Anglo descent.  Pastor Chin is an outstanding leader.  Darrell taught and Kathy sang.  God richly blessed with a dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit. 

IN BRAZIL:  Loren Robinson, Pastor of New Faith Church in New Palestine, IN (Loren started the church), accompanied Darrell to Sao Luiz, Brazil.  After a trip of 30 hours and 4 hours rest, Loren took a bus from Sao Luiz to the interior city, Imperatriz, Maranhao, Brazil.  He traveled all night.  This was his first trip for overseas ministry.  Loren led in a People Sharing Jesus Seminar and they went out witnessing on the streets.  He trained pastors in TCL, preached at their Convention, and at a local church.  He stayed in the home of a family in the church.  Afterward, Loren traveled by bus all night back to Sao Luiz.  God blessed so greatly that they asked him to return as soon as possible.  They telephoned to make sure he had arrived in Sao Luiz safely.  This was quite an experience for our son, Loren, since he knew no Portuguese and spoke through an interpreter.

When he returned, he went with Pastor Marcelo to Pinheiro at 4 AM to cross the bay by ferry then on by car, to train 25 Seminary students in TCL and PSJ.

   Pastor Isaisa & Family, Marcelo, Loren, & Darrell     Loren & Interpreter Missionary Marcelo Teaching People Sharing Jesus

Loren has served as a Home Missionary for 15 years.  He did a great job on the International Mission field!


Darrell went to two other cities, Miranda and Bacabal.  In Miranda some 150 people from several churches came together for a One Day PSJ Seminar and Witness Saturation.  Darrell taught them to use the "Lifeline Illustration" to share the plan of salvation.  In the late afternoon they witnessed on the streets.  Sixteen people received Christ that we know about.  There could be more.  Darrell led two older men and three young women to Christ.

Pastor Jebson           Miranda Witnessing Team

An extraordinary report was given by Rubiane, an eleven year old girl.  This precious girl reported sharing the "Lifeline Illustration" with three people and leading them to Christ.  It was a majestic experience to see how God empowered her witness and the witness of all who went.

Rubiania led 3 to ChristEnthusiastic ChildrenPracticing Lifeline

Pastor Jebson of FBC Miranda enthusiastically led the people back out to witness all day Saturday and Sunday.  What great follow-up for PSJ training!


That night (Friday) we drove on to Bacabal and began our ministry at the Convention there on Saturday.  Darrell spoke to the pastors on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The pastors responded very positively.  The Bible Study topics were:  "Authentic Worship -- What it is and What it is Not!," The Pastor's Family Relationships," and "The Pastor as Leader."  One of the pastors in attendance was Anisio from Caixias.


Pastor Anisio gave a testimony at the beginning of the meeting.  Darrell had been to Caixias a little over a year ago and led a TCL Conference.  Pastor Anisio said, "TCL transformed my life.  My life can be divided into two parts:  Before TCL and After TCL.  I was filled with bitterness and unforgiveness.  I was ready to quit and leave the pastorate.  God dealt with me through TCL and I repented and made things right.  I was renewed and am using TCL in leading my church.  I am excited and the church is healthy and growing."  What an affirmation for Total Church Life Strategy!  

Pastors, Anisio is behind & to Darrell's right

In Bacabal, Darrell trained the Women's Ministry attendees and the Youth in PSJ and spoke at the convention two times.  At each session there were conversions in spite of it being a convention for the Baptist church members.

                                               WMU Practicing Lifeline Illustration                              

MANACIAL BAPTIST CHURCH IN SAO LUIZ and Pastor Isaias hosted a People Sharing Jesus Seminar led by Darrell and Loren Robinson.  Participants excitedly engaged in study and saturation witness. 

Two New Converts Practice LifelineManacial Witnessing Teams

Neuzita, Missionary Marcelo's wife, Jessica, and Eduardo were on Darrell's witness team.  They led 12 people to a profession of faith.  Five people were sitting at a table under a tree in front of a bar.  Antone Souza, an older man, his son Edivaldo and wife, Idinesi, and their son, Railson, along with an older woman were drinking beer.  We approached them and asked permission to share the Gospel.  Antone held up his beer glass and said, "You are a man of God!  Why are you talking to me?  I am drinking beer!" 

I replied, "You are my friend!  I want you to know Jesus!"  Antone was moved to tears.  Darrell shared the Lifeline presentation of the Gospel.  All five prayed and received Christ.  Edivaldo spoke, "I have lived here for 8 years.  No church has ever come to see me.  YOU have come!  We will come to Manacial Church."  That night their son, Railson, did attend and make a profession of faith.

Antone & Family Loren Teaching & Interpreter Marcelo

Darrell and team went on and walked into a gated apartment area with residents where seven people received Chrsit.  One man was seated in front of his apartment reading his newspaper.  The team engaged in conversation and asked permission to share the Gospel.  He invited them into his apartment.  As they shared the Gospel, he kept on saying, "I am Catholic."  His wife interrupted and said, "They are not talking about church, they are talking about Jesus."  Both of them prayed and received Christ.  Neuzita led two others to Christ.  Darrell and Jessical led three more to a profession of faith.

On the street near the beach, Loren and Darrell led Antonio at his Coconut stand to a profession of faith.  Antonio said, "I am too bad to be saved!"  Darrell and Loren told him that is why Jesus came and he accepted Christ.

While shopping for gifts for family back home, Darrell led the store keeper, Flavia, to a profession of faith.

At the mall, Darrell and Loren stopped at the shoe store where Kathy and Darrell had led a young lady, Adriana, to Christ in July.  Adriana was delighted to see them and said she has been going to Luz e Vida Baptist Church where they had invited her to go.  She was happy to hear from Kathy. 

Loren preached on Sunday night at Manacial and two people made professions of faith.  During the PSJ Seminar six participants received Christ.



Darrell & Kathy Robinson                                                                  Robin & Jody Robinson
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