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Darrell Robinson
November 5, 2004

Three Weeks in Five Brazilian States Oct. 12-31, 2004

Flight to Brazil

I sat by a corporate executive of a New York City company. He was a Believer, but was very concerned about a meeting in Brasilia that could prove to be a tense confrontation. In our discussion I shared with him the principles I teach on Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Planning and Presentation of a Project and Relationship Development. He took thorough notes. A few days later, I received his e-mail that reported his elation about the result of his using the approach we discussed. He invited me to meet with and train his staff in these TCL principles. God works in fantastic ways!

Brazilia Vida Total da Igreja (Total Church Life) Seminar:

More than 150 pastors and leaders participated enthusiastically. I preached on Sunday at FBC Guara, a suburb of Brasilia. Several people made professions of faith. Pastor Menezes Francisco Carlos and the church are experiencing revival and reaching many lost people.

Vitoria da Conquista Seminar and People Sharing Jesus Saturation:

We spent the night in beautiful Salvador and then on to Vitoria da Conquista. Two hundred pastors and leaders participated in the TCL. They expressed appreciation and committed to reach their church's communities with the gospel. In the afternoon we did saturation witnessing and 30 people made professions of faith.

                                               Vitoria da Conquista

Arraial do Cabo TCL Seminar:

This city is one of the most beautiful in Brazil--a mountainous, beach city on the Atlantic. Again some 200 pastors and leaders participated and committed to reach their communities with the gospel.

                                                   Arraial do Cabo

Rio de Janeiro:

Dr. Fausto Vasconceles invited me to preach at his church, FBC, Rio de Janeiro. He is a great friend, pastor and leader. He is President of the Brazilian Baptist Convention and has been nominated for the position of VP of the Baptist World Alliance and will be elected next year in Birmingham, England. Following a good lunch with Pastor Fausto and wife, Diane, we flew to Goiania.

              Pastor Fausto Vasconceles (L) and Dr. Darrell Robinson

       (L-R) Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira, Dr. Darrell Robinson,
                  Dianne,Vasconceles, Pastor Fausto Vasconceles

Goiania, Goias TCL Seminar:

FBC, Goiana hosted the seminar where 300 pastors, seminary students and leaders participated. Again all the pastors and leaders committed to continually saturate their communities with the Gospel. In the afternoon I taught a summary of People Sharing Jesus (the book Pessoas Compartlhando Jesus in Portuguese). Thirty people participated and led 24 lost people to professions of faith.

                                                    FBC, Goiana

Piracicaba TCL Seminar:

FBC and Pastor Elias Neves de Souza hosted the seminar for 250 pastors and leaders. Pastor Elias has used TCL Strategy and has seen the church grow from a few people to 600. They are building a new worship center and are continuing to grow through reaching the lost for Christ. I had the privilege of preaching there on my last Sunday in Brazil. Several made commitments to receive Christ.

Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira did a great job as my interpreter. Then, Odilon and his wife, Olga, accompanied me home where he has assumed the pastorate of the Roswell Street Brazilian Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia.

      Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira and family at Sao Paulo Airport


This trip has been one of the most fruitful I have had in equipping leaders and reaching people in Brazil. Thank you for your prayers and support. I was able to secure a Brazilian Airpass for domestic travel which allowed us to travel for one-third of the cost of regular tickets. Praise the Lord for His supply and His anointing on the Seminars.

Rejoicing in Him,




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