Total Church Life Ministries
October 25, 2013
  Brazil Report  

It was a joy to arrive back home on Friday morning at 5 AM from almost two weeks in Brazil. Missionary Dorgival hosted our Synergistic Evangelism Seminar in Curitiba. Many pastors and Believers were Equipped to do Evangelism resulting in reaching people all over the area in local church fields for Christ! Later, in the Seminaries Santos and Sao Paulo, I had the joy with our coordinator, Odilon, of training more than 200 Seminary Students and Professors in Synergistic Evangelism. God is using Total Church Life Ministries to reach thousands for Christ in Brazil each year! Praise Him!

My trip home was an opportunity to practice what I preach, “Share Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit and Leave the Results to God!”It was a long night since I left Santos for the plane at 4 PM the day before. I had the privilege of sitting by a Nigerian named Hammie, a Moslem, who adamantly resisted my sharing Jesus with him. He was brain-washed by Islam and swore that it is a religion of peace. He rejected Jesus, defended the 9/11 event, Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, Syrian tragedies, Murders in Indonesia and Kenya! Satan has the power of darkness which natural men love rather than the Light of Jesus.

I told Hammie that Jesus loves him – John 3:16, which he quoted to me. I told him that he now must read verse 18; “He who believes on Jesus is not condemned, but he who does not believed is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the one and only son of God!” He would not reply. I told him that I was committing him to the Holy Spirit to convict him and reveal Jesus to him which is happening to many Moslems! Please pray for Hammie!

God gave me the joy of leading a Brazilian, Walter, an Army Policeman from Brazilia, to Christ on the flight to Brazil. We are communicating by email as he begins to follow Christ. Our ministry in Curitiba, Santos, and Sao Paulo was very effective. We trained many Pastors, Leaders, Churches, and Seminary Professors and Students in Synergistic Evangelism. They were very responsive and joined us in sharing Jesus on the streets!

Thank you for your prayers and for your support in helping us continue to try to impact areas of people for Jesus in this world where Satan is deceiving multitudes. In Brazil Satan has raised up another false religion through a young man with charisma called “Ball of Snow (Portuguese = balo de nivi). He calls himself The Apostle Reino (The Apostle King). Many wealthy people are joining and providing much money for a world wide work! Odilon has taken a firm stand against this!

We must reach the lost and non-churched today in America as well as world-wide!

Tomorrow I will be with Pastor Tim Edwards and First Baptist, Highlands, TX to preach and train his people to lead the Lost to Christ. God bless you, your Sunday School Classes, and Church Services!

With Joy and prayers,
Darrell Robinson

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