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June 17 - July 4, 2011

when I arrived in Milan after 23 hours from the time I left home, I had developed allergies and congestion and did not feel like getting out of bed all the time I was there. But we kept a full schedule and God enabled. It seemed that the worse I felt, the greater He worked and blessed!  NOW THAT IS LIKE OUR GOD!

It was good to see Missionary Fernando Pasi  at the airport where he had waited for three hours for the late plane. We are friends who worked together in Curitiba, Brazil. He did the planning and preparation for publishing Total Church Life book into Italian language and for setting up our Seminar Schedule.

PREACHING!  I hit the ground running and preached at the town of Casorate Primo at Evangelical Baptist Christian Church. Several made decisions for Christ and two were baptized!

Chiesa Cristiana Battista Dr. Robinson Preaching
Baptism Italian Flag

La Casa Della Bibbia Publishers launched the Italian language Total Church Life book in Torina, Italy where I taught the book for two nights.  The Italian name of the book is Come Essere Chiesa.  President Fabio of the publishing company was told by Director Giancarlo that he must come to the launching and make an appearance since he was president.  He did come and said that he intended to leave quickly after the opening time.  However, as I taught it, he became engrossed with the content.  He stayed through the entire two-hour presentation.

The next night he came back.  President Fabio gave this testimony, "I did not intend to stay for this seminar, but here I am!  This book is changing my life and will change the churches of Italy!  God sent Darrell Robinson and gave this book to Italy!  We want to have this training all over Italy.  God has provided it and we will help it to happen!"


"We want to have this training all over Italy."- President Fabi


President Fabio Testifying
President Fabio Testifying
Pasi Launching Book
Pasi Launching Book



missionaries and pastors revealed that the Italian Baptist Convention has focused on social and political issues and the churches have declined.  Now they have decided to make evangelism and missions their priority! 

The problem is that they do not know how!  They do not know where to start, how to lead and how to train the people to witness!  We need both Total Church Life and People Sharing Jesus materials and training. 

Please help us with this!  

Total Church Life Book
People Sharing Jesus Book

My closing time in Milan, Italy was a revival emphasis and street witnessing hosted by Fernando Pasi's church.  God blessed with numbers of people being saved!  Missionary Alice O'Keefe went with me as my interpreter.  We had the joy of leading an Egyptian Moslem, Khalid, to Christ.

Alice O'Keefe and Darrell Robinson
Missionary Alice O'Keefe and Darrell Robinson
Revival at Pasi's Church
Revival at Pasi's Church
Street Witnessing Team
Street Witnessing Team
Lifeline Presentation Training
Lifeline Presentation Training



milan is a beautiful city and the people are gracious and friendly!  What a joy it is to work as God works with the Italian churches and people!

God did all that was done to make our Italian ministry successful.  He brought it all about, but he did it through many of you.  You prayed!  Many of you gave resources to make it happen.  Darrell Robinson can take no credit.  Thank you for helping make this possible.

Where do we go from here?  I do not know!  We will take the step to publish People Sharing Jesus as God moves!  Both the Italians and I feel that we need it now, but God's timing is best.  As He provides resources through the Italians and/or through us here, we will take the next steps.  I have been invited to preach and teach in numerous Italian areas with several evangelical groups, including Baptists.

Italian Fellowship Dinner
Italian Fellowship Dinner
Darrell Robinson in Downtown Milan
Downtown Milan
  • Preached for Northshore Church, Bentwater, TX Pastor, Lee Rushing
  • Revival and Seminar for Friendship Baptist, Friendship, TN. Pastor, Dr. Jerry Drace
  • TCL Seminar for Bi-Stone Assn., Mexia, TX.  DOM, Dr. Olin Boles
  • Preached at 50th Anniversary of Midway Baptist, Big Spring, TX. Pastor, Jim Binnix.  Kathy and I started the church during the month we married fifty years ago.
  • Immediate Plans:  August 2-10, Darrell is to train Brazilian International Missionaries in TCL strategy in Rio de Janeiro, BR and lead TCL Seminar at First Baptist Church, Fonesca, BR;  Then lead a TCL Seminar for Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Three other TCL Seminars are scheduled in Texas and Alabama during August and September.

              Thank you for your prayers and support!


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