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Darrell Robinson
August 31, 2006


August 5-9:  Liberty Baptist Church, Crossvile, AL -- I led a People Sharing Jesus Seminar, preached a revival meeting, and did evangelistic visitation. Ten people made professions of faith including an 84 year old cowboy, Lawrence Milliron.  His is a great story.  Many local people and evangelists had witnessed to him.  He had always evaded the decision.  We went to his home at 6 PM and had to be at church for revival service at 7 PM.  It was very hot and they had no air conditioning. His wife, Jessie, was nervous and dominated the conversation with talk.  Sometimes the biggest unintentional barrier to a man's coming to Christ is "a talkative wife."

    Finally, I realized that if we were able to witness to him.  I had to interrupt and be direct.  I said, "Lawrence, I have come to see you to talk about Jesus.  I do this all over the country and I would feel very badly to leave here and not to share Jesus with you."

     Lawrence said, "OK."  Jessie said, "He can't hear!  Move over and sit beside him."  I moved and yelled the gospel to him.  I shared with him the Lifeline Illustration as a Gospel presentation.  I asked him to believe on Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again.  I said, "Will you believe in Him."

     Lawrence firmly said, "Yes, I will!"  Then, I said, "Because you do believe you need to and will want to receive Him personally into your heart and life.  You do that through prayer by asking him to forgive your sins and come into your heart.  If I could, I would do that for you, but, I could not.  You will have to do it yourself."

     He responded, "I don't know what to say!"  I said, "I know what to say and will tell you what to say if you can say it to Him and mean it.  Could we do that?"

     I led the prayer.  He prayed after me to our Father and received Christ.  I asked him, "If you are receiveing Jesus and are committing your life to follow Him no matter what, please, take my hand and say, 'I will.' "  Immediately he took my hand and joyfully said, "I will!"  Then, the pastor and I explained baptism and how to follow Christ.  We asked him,  "Where is Jesus now?"  He responded, "In my heart."  "How do you know?"  He said, "Because he said he would if I asked Him and I asked Him!"  What a joyfully hot time we had.  My shirt was soaked with sweat by then.  The church experienced revival and 100 made soulwinning commitments and promised to join the pastor in reaching the people of their area with the Gospel.

84 year old cowboy


August 7:  I led a Total Church Life Conference for 20 pastors at DeKalb Association with DOM Ken Clement.  God richly blessed.  They expressed appreciation for the Biblical evangelistic strategy.  
August 10-12:  I met with Pastor Ernest Easley in Marietta, GA about ministry in Brazil.  Also, I met with Brazilian Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira.
August 17:  I spent the day training the pastor and staff of Memorial Baptist Church (SBTC Church)  in Total Church Life Strategy principles.

August 18-19:  I led 4 evangelism workshops representing SBTC for Hunt Baptist Association Evangelism Conference in Greenville, TX.

August 20-23:  Revival meeting with Dr. John Brady at Woodforest Baptist Church (SBTC Church, Houston, TX.)  God gave us 10 decisions for Christ and 40 made soulwinning commitments.  The church has greatly declined and is in financial difficulty, but they gave a generous love offering of $1,666.00.  I used $166 for expenses and returned the love offering to them.

     John and Yvonne had taken into their home a young man, Christian Kalanga, from Congo, Africa who is the son of the assassinated governmental leader.  John and Yvonne Brady constantly demonstrate their gift of mercy by helping people.  They have totally given of themselves through many years of ministry.  Christian has an athletic scholarship at Howard College in Big Spring.  I promised to find him next week when I am at Midway Baptist.


August 27-30:  Total Church Life Conference with Pastor Jim Binnix at Midway Baptist Church (SBTC Church).  In spite of its being a conference for the membership, we had 25 professions of faith and 70 soulwinning commitments.  They are committed to saturating their area with the Gospel.

     We did find Christian Kalanga.  He has a partial scholarship, but has no money.  I asked the pastor and Midway Baptist to designate Wednesday night's love offering to him.  We gave him $386.00 to help him get started.  Christian was joyful and the church was glad to help.  Christian is a Believer.  It is wonderful to see how God works. 


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