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August 24, 2013

resulted in some good things, but nothing like could have happened if denominational leaders had not forsaken the original intention for Crossover. TCL involvement was fruitful. We trained 150 people in soul-winning and went on the streets in Saturation Evangelism with Memorial Baptist Church and Seminary Students. Numbers of people were saved and Memorial has had a continuing harvest of souls all summer. To God be the Glory! When we “Go and make disciples,” God brings in the Harvest. (Galatians 6:9) When we obey Jesus and keep on sowing, God ultimately gives the Harvest!

We look forward to Crossover Baltimore in 2014 where they plan to focus on reaching the lost for Christ and saturate the area with the Gospel.

At Lazybrook Baptist with Pastor Dr. John Nessley, I had the joy of preaching. People were saved! One dear lady testified that God did a healing miracle in her life. Praise the Lord for His blessing!

In July we had the blessing of preaching at Berea Baptist with Dr. John McCullough. I was the first pastor of this church years ago! Also, I preached at FBC, Coahoma, TX. This is the church where I surrendered to preach years ago. The church is Going and Growing again!

In August God gave an outpouring of Revival as we preached at FBC, New Waverly, TX with Dr. J. D. Andrews. On the last night the worship center was packed as the people brought friends and acquaintances. One of the pastors of an African American Church played his saxophone marvelously. It was powerful and God used him mightily! That night (Kathy’s Birthday) the gracious church had a huge cake and a reception for her. What a wonderful pastor, church, and people.

Also, in August I had the privilege of preaching for my long-time friend, Dr. Forrest Sheffield, pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church, Tupelo, MS for their enlistment of membership for Witness Training and Involvement through the fall! What a blessing to be with Forrest and his wife, Patsy.


We are excited about the possibilities God has given us for TCL Ministries this fall. The following our schedule:

September 14-15: Darrell and Robin Lead People Sharing Jesus Seminar and Saturation for South Avenue Baptist, Pasadena, TX; Pastor Dr. J.E. Hail.

September 20 – 28: Darrell and Kathy travel and Lead Total Church Life Bible Conference for Bluff Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Pastor Robert Berry.

October 10 – 13: Darrell and Kathy travel and speak for the 25th Relocation Anniversary of Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile, AL; Pastor Dr. Adam Dooley.

October 14 – 24: Darrell travel to Brazil and Lead Synergistic Evangelism Seminars at Curitiba, Parana Brazil. Statewide Pastoral Conference; At Seminary in Santos; At Seminary in Sao Paulo.

October 27: Darrell Lead Synergistic Evangelism Seminar at FBC Highlands, TX at 10:45 AM and 6:00 to 7:30 PM; Pastor Dr Tim Edwards.

October 28—30: Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, Amarillo, TX.

November 14: Darrell Lead Synergistic Evangelism Seminar for Harvest Baptist Association, Decatur, TX; DOM Dr. Gerry Lewis.

November 15 – 17: Darrell and Kathy travel and Lead Synergistic Evangelism and Saturation and preach on Sunday for Calvary Baptist Church, Vernon, TX; Pastor Toby Castleberry.

January 24 – 26: Robin lead Total Church Life Conference for Hawthorne Baptist Church of New Waverly, TX area. Pastor Jason Pennington.

Total Church Life Strategy is a Bible Based Strategy that is helping churches Nationally and Internationally to Equip their members and Evangelize the Lost! One of those is pastored by my friend Bobby Morton. He uses TCL Strategy and People Sharing Jesus to Equip his people and reach the lost. Also. He helps other churches nationally and internationally. The following is a summary of what has happened at the church he started. Glory to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for what He is doing in churches that focus on His Focus!

Shalom Baptist Church
Citronelle, Alabama

Shalom is located about 30 miles north of Mobile in a rural area.

The people group around the church is made up of mainly Native Americans.

The church was begun 9 years ago with 15 people. Today we have about 175 that attend at different times with 55 active. During this present year we have been blessed with the opportunity to see 17 make decisions for Christ.

This Sunday I will baptize 12. This group to be baptized is 2 middle schoolers, one recent high school graduate, a young lady of 40 and the others are 55 to 90 years of age. A special part will be the opportunity to baptize four generations, a mother, daughter, grand-daughter and a great grand-daughter.

A little over two years ago, my wife and I were visiting in the home of couple who had visited Shalom. Their daughter was coming regularly and enjoying the ministry to our students. We shared Christ with them and both of them accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. They shared with us that we were the first to personally answer their questions about a relationship with Christ. This special couple is now two of the key leaders in the church. They, their daughter, and another couple began an active visitation/witnessing ministry back in the spring. This was when 5 were saved in one day. This personal manifestation of God's power to save/change lives was electrifying for these members.

Last Saturday, my wife and I were at the hospital with a family member of several in the church and had the opportunity to share Christ with a couple not in any church. They were also members of this family. Both received Christ. They shared how they had been waiting on someone to share with them on how they could make this decision. I will be baptizing them on

Praise the Lord for all He has done at Shalom. When Shalom Baptist Church was planted, I began with the "Total Church Life" strategy and have continued to communicate this with the people of Shalom. I continue to keep in front of them the importance of sharing Jesus with all we come in contact with. I train our people at least once a year in the "People Sharing Jesus.

The people of Shalom see the results of being a faithful witness.

We are grateful for all of you Friends of Total Church Life Ministries, for your prayers, and for your support! May God continue to bless you!

Bobby and Mary Morton

Darrell and Kathy Robinson

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