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Darrell Robinson
May -- August, 2007


May 4-5:  Darrell conducted a Stategic Evangelism Saturation Seminar in San Antonio in preparation for Crossover San Antonio.
June 8-10:  Darrell, Kathy, and their son, Loren, daughter-in-law, Kathryn, and their five granddaughters, Kimberly, Natalie, Olivia, Tabitha, and Sophia participated in the SBC Evangelist's Retreat and helped with Crossover.  Several people accepted Christ during a Block Party at a new church they assisted.


                     The Entire Family was involved in Sharing Christ at Crossover San Antonio.              

May 18-25:  With Pastor Walt and Peggy Gragert at Washington Avenue Baptist Church in Rocky Ford, Colorado.  The church had an average attendance of about 35.  During the revival almost all were present at each service .  Eleven adults received Christ during the outreach visitation and the evangelistic services.  Most of the people daily shared Christ with people in the community.

          Members and New Converts at Washington Ave Baptist            Deacon, Kathy, Darrell, and Pastor Walt Gragert at Washington Ave, Rocky Ford
             People of 5 nationalities were present                           

June 28-July 9:  Evangelism Ministry in the state of Maranhao, Brazil.  The People Sharing Jesus Team was made up of Twenty-one Participants.  Dr. Cliff Mayton led his team of 12 from Memorial Baptist, Spring, TX.  Cliff and Georgianna Mayton, Bob and Lindsey Mayton, Jerry and Patti Baird, Sharon Beasley, William and Vera Edwards, Jeanette Hennig, Natalie Holland, and Lyndsey Lee conducted PSJ, Wintess Saturation,  VBS, and Preaching in the capital, Sao Luiz.

Dr. Bobby Morton, Earnest Morton, and Ashleigh Whittington ministered in the same ways in a remote area, Santa Helena.  Bobby trained Seminary Students.

Rev. Len and Beverly Chilton, and Norn Bartel led in the same ways in another region to the southeast of Sao Luiz at Rosario in primitive circumstances.

Darrell and Kathy Robinson did the same kinds of ministries in the interior at Pedreidas.  Darrell trained Seminary Students.

Our Team upon arrival at the Sao Luiz airport             People Sharing Jesus Seminar-Pedreidas
      People Shaing Jesus in Portuguese      Darrell presenting the Gospel on Brazilian TV
Darrell & Kathy led Vitoria Hotel Managers to Christ in their hotel                 PSJ Team joyfully sharing reports during debriefing

Praise the Lord, more than 300 Brazilians accepted Christ through personal witness and Evangelistic Crusades.  More than 450 Brazilian pastors, leaders, and members were equipped to witness personally.  More than 400 Brazilians made commitments to witness and lead people to Christ.

God did a mighty work in the lives of the Brazilians and in our lives, too.

Following the People Sharing Jesus Seminars the Maranhao State Baptist Convention met in Sao Luiz.  Kathy Robinson and Beverly Chilton were keynote speakers at the State Women's Missionary Conference.  They spoke to 250 women.  Darrell Robinson presented Total Church Life Strategy to 100 pastors, then, led workshops for pastors and Seminary Students.

On our way to Liberal, KS, we had the joy of visiting with friends and the new pastor of First Baptist Church, Vernon, TX.  We served as pastor there in 1969-1973.  It was a delight to meet their fine pastor, Rev. Ben Maclin, and share a lunch time with members who were leaders when we were there.  What a joy to see the church prospering in spiritual growth and in reaching the lost for Christ.  It is a rich treasure to continue in close friendship with those we pastored in the past.
    Sitting: Jim Spears, Pastor Ben Maclin, Don Ramsey   Standing: Dr. J.C. Parmer, Carl Craighead, Darrell      Standing: Pat Word     Sitting: Jimmie Parmer, Frances Craighead, Kathy, Etta Ramsey, Pat Spears

August 3-5:  Kathy and I were the speaker and preacher for the 100th Anniversary Celebration for the church.  God blessed with revival!  Pastor David Bagwell wrote, "The words the Lord gave through you have brought revival to my heart and to many others as well.  We are looking forward to a great future in Liberal as we Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saints, and Evangelize the Sinner."

We had pastored the church in the late 1960's.  We were blessed by the gracious pastor and getting to share with many friends.  The church supports Total Church Life Ministries through prayer and monthly financial gifts.  We are very grateful.

Pastor David Bagwell & wife, Lori     Decision Service:  Renewal in lives & mission to Share Jesus in Liberal     Professions of Faith at the Decision Service
God has used and is using First Baptist Church, Liberal, KS as a Lighthouse of Faith in Southwestern Kansas.  It is a strong, Bible-Centered, People-Centered, Evangelistic Church.
KATHY'S BIRTHDAY on August 7.  It was great to return home to host some of our family and friends at a wonderful birthday dinner for Kathy.
                                                                            FAMILY AND FRIENDS

For many years I have had a close friendship with Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He has used Total Church Life Strategy in his pastorates very successfully.  Brazilian Baptist have great respect for Odilon.  He served several terms as President of the Sao Paulo State Baptist Convention and director of the Home Mission Board of Brazil.  Three years ago he joined the staff of Roswell Street Baptist Church, Marietta, GA to be pastor of the Brazilian church that I had started in 2003.  He committed to serve there for three years and, then, return to Brazil.

While in Brazil and up to this time, Odilon has been volunteer coordinator of Total Church Life ministries in Brazil.  Now that he is returning, he and I have the vision for him to be "full-time" coordinator for TCL Ministries in Brazil.  God has enabled Total Church Life Ministries to train some 3,000 pastors in TCL Strategy in 50% of the Brazilian states.  Three of my books, Total Church Life, People Sharing Jesus, and Incredibly Gifted, have been published in Portuguese.  Our goal is to cover all of Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries with TCL Strategy.          

                                                       Pastor Odilon in Brazil training pastors in TCL                                                                                  

This will necessitate a salary and operational expense for Odilon's work there.  He will lead Seminars using my three books to train pastors and leaders, schedule People Sharing Jesus Seminars and witnessing opportunities for church mission/evangelism teams from the USA, and do the preparation for them in Brazil.

At this time, I am helping him raise prayer and financial support for his TCL ministry in Brazil.  Please pray and let me know if you have an interest in sharing in this project of outstanding potential.


Robin Robinson serves with Total Church Life Ministries as Associate Minister.  Robin leads conferences on Total Church Life and People Sharing Jesus and conducts revivals as well as filling pulpits of churches on Sunday.  

He, also, serves as U.S. Army Reserves Chaplain for the 7/6th Cavalry (Appache Attack Helicopter) Unit located in Conroe, TX.  This has been a year of good achievement for him in the military.  He was promoted to Captain, received the Army Achievement Medal, scored well on his PT (Physical Training) Test, timed best in the voluntary SPUR RIDE during AT (Annual Training).  The SPUR RIDE is a traditional Cavalry excersize whereby individual soldiers earn their spurs.  The SPUR RIDE includes memorization of things such as the Soldier's Creed, passing the PT test, being involved in the Unit for at least 6 months, demonstrating Soldiering skills during a 6 mile march/run, etc.  As chaplain he preaches, counsels, shares the Gospel, and supports the Troops. 

                     Chaplain (CPT) Robin Robinson                      Chaplain (CPT) Robin Robinson & wife, Jody at Ft. Jackson, SC
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