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Darrell Robinson
July 2004

Report on Ministry in Indonesia and Korea


It was a privilege to have my friends, Dr. Bobby Morton and Missionary Carl Lee, accompany me and help in witness and in leading the Total Church Life Seminar for Pastors and Leaders. Carl interpreted for us and preached. Bobby taught and preached in a church.

Some 250 Pastors from numerous Indonesian islands including Java, Sumatra, and others participated. They testified that the seminar would revolutionize their pastorates and help them in reaching people for Christ.

During the final night session I preached on "How God Gives Revival." Many decisions of contrition and commitment were made. One of the key leaders said, "My life has been changed!" Almost all of them made outward commitments to implement TCL Strategy and to lead their churches to become Soulwinning Churches.

The Indonesian Publishers did a great job with the TCL book. The people loved it. The leaders want to publish my books People Sharing Jesus, Incredibly Gifted, and Doctrine of Salvation in the Indonesian language. However, they do not have the financial resources to do it and requested that I raise the funds to do it. Please pray with me for God's direction and provision.

The Indonesians are delightful and gracious people who are personally very open to the Gospel. Yet, the pastors and other Christians face great difficulties financially and in physical safety. Some of the areas are dangerous to Believers in Christ. One young pastor felt that he could not invite his long-time friend, Carl Lee, to preach in his church because of the Islamic radicalism and danger for Christians and Americans in his area. According to the Baptist leaders, Indonesia has the largest concentration of Moslem population of any nation in the world.

On the weekend I preached a revival in Gisikdrono Baptist Church. The church is alive and dynamic. God did a great work as the people committed to join their pastor in reaching every person in their area with the Gospel of Christ.

Our travel was long and difficult---15hours to Korea; 8 hours to Jakarta; and 1 hour to Semarang and many hours in airports. But, when we arrived God provide for us a comfortable hotel and the food was delightful---especially the breakfasts with omelets, golden bananas, papaya, pineapples and melon.

We were blessed to spend a little time in Jakarta with our Southern Baptist missionaries, Dr. Charles Cole, Ken Murphy and their staff. They are doing a great job. We had the privilege of visiting with Ronny Serworwora, the translator of TCL into Indonesian, in his parent's home. He and his family live across the street from the church building and have suffered much persecution, but he has the respect of the community because of his godly life and ministry. God did a miracle through Ronny. He translated the book in record time in spite of his many other responsibilities at Mid America Seminary in Memphis, TN. Many thanks to Ronny and Praise the Lord for all He has done.

I have a special thank you for you who prayed and helped financially. Including the cost of publishing and giving the book to the Indonesian Baptists, the cost of the trip was almost $10,000. God has wonderfully provided.


When we returned, we stopped in Seoul, Korea for two days to participate in the Baptist World Alliance Meeting. I am on the Evangelism Committee. Some fantastic things happened for Total Church Life Ministries. At a special dinner meeting where Dr. Billy Kim, President of BWA, spoke along with Dr. Paul Cho, pastor of the largest church in the world, and the president of the nation of South Korea, Bobby and I simply chose a table at random.

Immediately as we were seated, LTC Chaplain Tom Drake and his wife, Betty, spoke to me. "Darrell Robinson, it is great to see you again. I was a pastor in Houston and participated in a Total Church Life Seminar. Since that time I have used and taught Total Church Life Strategy all over the world in churches and at the base chapels."

            (L-R) Betty Drake, Darrell Robinson, LTC Tom Drake

What an affirmation and encouragement! Across the table listening to us were three Japanese men. We found that they were the Executive Director of the Japanese Baptist Convention, his associate, and the evangelism director. They were interested and asked for more information. They declared, "That is what we have been looking for. We want to use it in Japan."

                      Darrell Robinson and Japanese Baptist Convention Executives

The next day the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention in Nairobi, Kenya, asked me to come to Nairobi and help equip pastors and leaders with TCL Strategy.

It is fantastic the God is opening doors and providing for this evangelistic ministry.


...our Gracious God and to you. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. I am especially indebted to you who gave financial support for this to happen. It is unbelievable to me to realize that in the past three months, I have preached, led people to Christ, and equipped pastors and leader on five continents.





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