Total Church Life Ministries
Mid-Year Report
July 9, 2012
Italian Coordinator, Fernando Pasi, Odilon, and Darrell presenting Tuitti Possiamo Annunciare Gesu
(People Sharing Jesus) in Italian language to
representatives of Forty Italian Churches.
Darrell Trained these representatives to utilize
these materials. The Italians are thrilled to have
help with Evangelism.
We trained participants in the Lifeline Presentation of
the Gospel.
Odilon is training a young lady
President Fabio, Manager Joa Carlo, and Project Leader
Daniella of Casa de la Bibbia are with Darrell presenting
the book in Italian. The Italian Baptist Convention,
The Missionaries, Casa della Bibbia, and Total Church Life Ministries will work together to permeate Italy with the
Total Church Life Strategy and People sharing Jesus
Witness Training.
  God has opened an effective door in Europe for Total Church Life Ministries. People from several countries are attracted to Total Church Life Strategy for Local Churches to reach their Communities for Christ. The sub-title of Total Church Life book “How to Be a First Century Church in a Twenty-First Century World” is really captivating the interest of Christian leaders.   
  TOTAL CHURCH LIFE book is already in the Romanian language. Romanian Missionary Society published it and I trained Romanian Baptist pastors in how to use it several years ago. In June I was back in Romania and helped pastors implement TCL Strategy and People Sharing Jesus training to witness to the lost.  
Romanian Pastor Sorin Olaru is holding a copy of Total Church Life book In the Romanian language. He is committed to use it to equip his people to Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saints, and to Evangelize the Sinner!
Maranata Romanian Baptist Church (Above) and Pastor Nelu Tone in the photo have come forward and are standing in commitment to Obey the Great Commission and Share Jesus with every person in their community.
The beautiful young Gypsy woman in the blue dress came forward to confess Christ as her Savior and Lord.

This is a Gypsy Church where 50 people came to Christ. Interestingly the young woman came to the church as a guest with a friend without knowing what she was attending. I had committed to train them to witness and then all of us were to go out witnessing in the homes and on the streets. The young lady in the blue dress participated in the training, then went with a team to share Jesus. Would you believe, She led two people to Christ. As she did so, she realized her own need for salvation. When I preached and gave the invitation, she received Christ, confessed Him and told her story!


Pastors who participated in Total Church Life Seminar and received the book in the Romanian language.
Gypsy family who have come to the Gypsy church in their wagon.
People in the Gypsy church who received Christ and have come forward to confess Him
  The Gypsy people are very open to Christ. After preaching in the church twenty people received Christ, I was having back pain and went outside and sat under a tree. Young people began to gather around me. I used the Lifeline Presentation to share the Gospel with them. Twelve young people prayed with me to receive Christ into their hearts. My pain was real gain! Praise the Lord!  
  We were welcomed by the Albanians with open arms. We trained them in Soulwinning, Preached in their churches, Witnessed on the Streets, and Preached and gave Testimony on the Radio. Many responded to commit their lives to share Jesus daily and disciple those they reach.  
Pastor Akili is the outstanding pastor of Igreja Evangelho Cristo and is President of The Pastors of Albania.
Leida, operates the Christian Radio Station which is impacting Albania powerfully for Christ.
Some of the three hundred people who made a decision to commit themselves along with the pastor to reach every person in Torino, Albania with the Gospel.
  I had the joy of preaching and sharing on the Radio. It was a joy to work with believers and lead people to Christ on the streets of Italy, Romania, and Albania. We have Total Church Life Representatives in these countries. Missionary Fernando Pasi is our Coordinator in Italy. Missionary Gerson Tomas is our Representative in Romania. Missionary Hugo Bertolot is our Representative in Albania. Please pray for them and the work they are doing in Europe for Jesus.  
  I arrived back home with great joy to be back with Kathy, our family, and friends and to my ministry schedule in our wonderful USA. I was blessed to get to preach in our home church, Memorial Baptist, Spring, TX. Soon I will lead a TCL Strategy Seminar for First Philippino Baptist, Houston, TX. We will meet with Pastor, Dr. Ernest Do Gohoy at the Palacios, TX Baptist Encampment. Then, we will be with College Park Baptist in Mobile, AL; then, with FBC, Normangee, TX and Pastor Bob Shirley; then, with Dorcal Wills Memorial Baptist in Trinity, TX. What a Joy to be able to Serve our Lord and His people!  
  But, would you believe? The day after I returned home I had two surprise calls. They were from people with contacts in Russia and Germany who have given my books to Leaders there. Both of them asked if we could pursue publishing Total Church Life and People Sharing Jesus to be used in Russia and Germany. Please pray with me about this. If it is truly God who has opened these doors, we want to act by Faith and do it.  
  Let me share another challenging possibility. Leaders in Brazil where our work is strong want to publish my book, Synergistic Evangelism, in Portuguese for the Portuguese speaking nations. This book will help them move to a deeper dimension in Evangelism.  
  EARLIER IN THE YEAR, God gave us outstanding ministries in numerous places including:  
  • Preached for Dr. Bill Jones at the Associational Evangelism Conference meeting in Groveton, TX.
  • Leading the North Carolina Evangelists retreat with Director Marty DuPree.
  • Taught Evangelism Course at Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, MO.
  • Led People Sharing Jesus Seminar at FBC, Mexia, TX.
  • Experienced Lumbar Laminectomy Back Surgery on Feb. 6 and recovery.
  • At SBTC Evangelism Conference at Frisno, TX we operated a Booth and consulted with Pastors and leaders.
  • Led PSJ Seminar and Saturation with Dr. John Cole in Jacksonville, TX.
  • Led Synergistic Evangelism Seminar for Dr. Jim Gatlin at Hunt Association in Greenville, TX.
  • Led PSJ Seminar and Saturation with Crossroads Association in Big Spring, TX then, a harvest revival with Berea Baptist Church and Dr. John McCullough.
  • People Sharing Jesus Weekend with The Church of the Open Door in San Saba, TX.
  • Led PSJ Seminar for Association meeting in Clay City, IL, then, Led harvest and Revival Meeting for FBC, Clay Road, IL and Pastor Brad Harris.
  • Revival Meeting with Venetia Baptist Church and Pastor Louis Heyland.
  • Spent 10 days with Dr. Aren Gushwa, DOM and three Associations in Redding, CA helping them with Total Church Life Strategy.
  • Preached at FBC, Liberal, KS.
  After arriving home, I still have pain from my back surgery. Our apartment is an upstairs unit which presents a continuing challenge. We thought, “Should we move to a total ground level place?” But, we have a contract for a year! Then, Surprise, Surprise, God is still working! The apartment office contacted us and said, “Your contract is up. The lease is running out. Are you staying.” God has made it possible for us to move without penalty. We will be moving on August 10, 2012 Our new Address is Below!   

Beginning August 10, 2012 our new address will be:

Darrell W., Kathy, and Robin Robinson
Total Church Life Ministries 
245 FM 1488, Apt. 1806
Conroe, TX 77384
Phone: (936) 231-8686


This apartment is located only a quarter of mile from where we now live. Thank you for your prayers and financial support that makes our ministry possible!

Our Love and Prayers

Darrell and Kathy Robinson