THE NEW YEAR BEGAN with physical check-ups for Darrell and major surgery for Kathy. Kathy’s surgery was successful and recovery was complete. We are so grateful to our Lord and to her good doctor. The surgery has been needed for quite some time. Thank you for your prayers!

God opened new doors this year for TCL Ministries with Hispanics. Three of Darrell’s books are now published in Spanish along with teaching Power Point CDs, “Total Church Life,” “People Sharing Jesus,” and “Incredibly Gifted.” The first ministry was Primera Bautista Iglesia, Mayfield, KY where Darrell taught “TCL” and “PSJ.” He, also, led a TCL Seminar and preached at FBC, Mayfield where his friend Scott Wilkins is pastor. God richly blessed with conversions and commitments to be soulwinners.

Hispanic Church Soulwinning commitments.                                          Darrell preaching for Revival Prep. - FBC Houston.

Darrell and Kathy had a marvelous time with Dr. Larry Lilley and FBC Houston, TX Revival Banquet.


Robin and Darrell had a marvelous time with the TCL booth at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Evangelism Conference. Evangelism Director, Don Cass led in the greatest yet Evangelism Conference in SBTC. We spent our time contacting and counseling pastors about evangelism.

BURNT SWAMP BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, PEMBROKE, NC – Dr. Mike Cummins, Director of Missions

Can you believe? Darrell was invited to lead a Total Church Life Seminar for the thirty eight Native American Indian Churches. God blessed mightily! The Lumbe Indians in this area responded marvelously and committed to reach every person in the Pembroke/Lumberton area with the Gospel. Praise the Lord for Mike Cummins and the Pastors and churches. They are on Fire for Jesus!

                                                             DOM, Dr. Mike Cummins and wife, Quay                     Indian pastors – Soulwinning Commitments

GREGG ASSN. EVANGELISM CONF.:2/27/10; 100 PEOPLE COMMITTED BE SOULWINNERS. God richly blessed the meeting under the leadership of Dr. John Hatch.


 MATAMOROS, MEXICO – MISSIONARY MARY YARBROUGH AND PASTOR RUBEN BURGUETE of Iglesia Bautista El Divino did a wonderful job of preparation.  I was warned not to go to Matamoros, Mexico due to the danger of the Drug War Gangs along the border. I was led to go because of my previous commitment. I led the PSJ Seminar and trained people to share Jesus. We went out on the streets witnessing and in spite of the rain 76 people receive Christ. The people went out in fear and trembling, but as they shared Jesus, God gave them victory and rejoicing in Christ. One man received Christ during the witnessing training. He came forward and confessed Christ and gave his testimony, then went out and led people to Christ.

One dear woman panicked. She could not force herself to go witnessing. She stayed behind to pray for others. But, the Holy Spirit moved in her heart and she decided to go out and share Christ. She had the joy of leading people to Christ. God was mightily at work.

Here are pictures of Missionary Mary Yarbrough and Host Pastor Ruben Burgrete. 

                                                                           Mary Yarbrough and Darrell                                    Pr. Ruben/People making Soulwinning Commitments


FBC, Liberal, KS is pastorless. We pastored there years ago and have gone back periodically. I spoke five times on the weekend and tried to help with guidance and encouragement. There were 4 professions of faith and many other commitments. We experienced a high attendance.

On the way home I had the joy of leading a young woman at the Security Check in to Christ. It was truly a Divine Appointment. All of the Security people heard what happened and were impressed toward Jesus.


Kathy and I had a fabulous time with the Pastors and People of Pine Mountain Association. The churches committed to reach every person in the Association with the Gospel. Pastor Ben, 89 year old pastor is on fire for Jesus. He led his church to commit to Soulwinning. He will train and lead them. Other pastors led by DOM John Tucker committed to lead their churches in the same New Testament direction.

          John Tucker at TCL Conference                                  Beautiful Cabin where we were blessed to stay.

At Pine Mountain Association we were privileged to see people saved and 150 people make commitments to Soulwinning. John Tucker and the pastors are doing a fabulous job for Jesus!


CRESTVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH, SHELBY, NC. Pastor Stan Webb and Director of Evangelism, Mel Campos desired us to come and help the church experience Revival, Renewal, and a new Spiritual Direction. We began on Sunday preaching Jesus and “How to be a First Century Church in a Twenty-First Century World.”  As Kathy and I and Pastor Stan Webb and family went to lunch, I witnessed to the people at the restaurant. Then the next day, I witnessed to two young women in a restaurant.

Pastor Stan was troubled. He told me that he could not witness. We discussed his hesitancy and why he felt that way. I made suggestions about how he could overcome his hesitancy. He was very humble and teachable at 69 years of age.

During the course of the meeting, 6 people received Christ. On the last night the two young women from the restaurant came and came forward. But nobody counseled with them. They went back to their seats. Then, I gave an invitation for the church members who would commit to God and their pastor to be an “Army for God” to reach their “Jerusalem” for Christ to come forward and form a prayer circle around the pastor. Almost everyone came forward, at least 100 people.

I said that I was putting the pastor on the spot. I asked him to pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for such a marvelous response and a prayer of commitment that they and he would do what they committed to do. He would have to lead and equip them!”

Pastor Stan humbly spoke to the congregation and confessed that he had not led them and equipped them. He promised that would change beginning that very night. The next day Pastor Stan wrote me and said that he had followed up on the two young women. They both received Christ and would come for Baptism. The man who could not witness was now witnessing. Later, Pastor Stan wrote, “Your week with us changed me, too. I met a man a member witnessed to, and led him to Christ. I am meeting another older man to talk to him about salvation. Later he wrote that seven adults are now awaiting baptism. Praise the Lord for Pastor Stan and God’s miraculous change in his life and ministry.

              Stan & Wanda Webb, DR & KR             Soul Winning Commitment Service/Crestview



These two Seminars were our first in the far Southern part of Brazil. Pastor Fernando had a vision to reach the lost and contacted us. He secured the financial assistance from FBC, Linhares, Espirito Santo and Pastor Dener who made it a mission project to help the churches.

First, we did the Seminar in Rio Grande City. FBC and Pastor Laidlau hosted it. The people were very responsive and participated marvelously. During the training, Daniel, a young person received Christ and immediately began to witness and lead people to Christ. His father, Paulo, a military man, also began to witness and each day reported leading people to Christ.

The greatest problem we had was with the host pastor. He would not witness, nor go out with the people to witness. He talked and told jokes incessantly. He had to be the center of attention. He even wore a Cowboy costume like the early Gauchos. We witnessed and led people in restaurants to Christ, but he would make a joke of it.

Odilon and I prayed much, talked with him, taught the people, and continued to encourage. We led the people out on the streets to witness. The pastor would not go!  50 people participated and led 61 people to Christ. The people continued to witness every day and report with rejoicing when we met.

God used all of this to put the pastor under conviction. On the last day he took us to a home of a woman who needed Christ. Her background was spiritist and Jehovah’s Witness. She received Christ!

Then, the pastor spoke to her daughter and led her to Christ. That was the turn-around. That night the pastor committed himself to lead the church to reach the lost in Rio Grande City. Praise the Lord! Victory!

Our hotel maid, Thais, accepted Christ and came to church to confess Christ. When we checked out the next day, she had witnessed to her co-worker, Sandra, who
received Christ.  

                                                         Gaucho Pastor Laidlau                                  Daniel and father, Paulo                            Maids, Thais and Sandra

Seventy six people received Christ through the Seminar and Witness of the People of Rio Grande City.

ON TO PELOTAS: FBC AND PASTOR MARCOS HOSTED THE SEMINAR:When we arrived in Pelotas, Pastors Fernando and Marcos gave us a tour of the area. First stop was on the beach, vacated because of the cold. But, we went into a shop that was open and the owner prayed with me and received Christ. The pastors were much impressed and convicted by the Holy Spirit because they were not witnessing.

Then we stopped and took a picture of the Spiritist Hospital and Training Center. Spiritism is big in this part of Brazil. That night we began the Seminar. The building was filled! There were many university students present. The people were outstanding in their participation in training to lead people to Christ. But, here again, the pastors were the problem. They did not want to witness themselves. We trained the people and went out on the streets on Sunday afternoon. The pastors were refusing to go, but Odilon and I confronted them and insisted that they go with us. They did so and participated in leading people to Christ.

A total of Seventy Two people received Christ. When I gave the invitation on Sunday night, the pastors led the way by committing themselves to witness and to equip and lead their churches to do so.

Pastor Marcos confessed that he had not been leading the church to obey Jesus. He repented and said that this Seminar had changed his life.

A Layman, Evangelism Director Emerson said, “This is the Exercise of the Church. If we don’t do this, we get FAT AND LAZY!”

                                                             Fernando, Marcos, Darrell                                        To The Streets                                              Emerson & Wife



My assignment for CROSSOVER, which I started in the 1980’s and conducted the first one in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then there have been a reported 40,000 people saved during the SBC Crossovers. I have continued to participate in CROSSOVER even after I left the Mission Board. This year we worked with the ICE Team (Intentional Community Evangelism) leading up to Crosssover.

This year I spent June 6 -  12 teaching Evangelism to Students from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in the mornings, then, in the afternoon and evenings we went out on the streets witnessing. Personally, I had the joy of leading 28 people to a profession of faith in Christ. Each day Seminary Students and others went out with me as my team members. One student with a powerful witness was Kevin Pruit of Edmond, OK and MBTS. Another was Daylin Rodriquez from Cuba and MBTS.

Daylin and I went on the streets in a very dangerous housing project. We went door to door and led people to Christ. Daylin was engaged in sharing with some women and children. I saw a group of big, tough looking guys gathered on the corner of a cul-de-sac street. I walked over and engaged them in conversation. I shared The Lifeline Presentation of the Gospel. Six of them received Christ and I recorded their names.

Daylin was alone, so I walked back to make sure she was OK. She was witnessing to women and children.

Then, two cars came in fast to the cul-de-sac. Some big, tough-looking guys jumped out of the cars and began to fight. A gang fight broke out! 

I thought, “What do I need to do?” I had an impression of what to do! I told Daylin to stay back. I went to the midst of the gang-fight. God impressed me to lift up my People Sharing Jesus New Testament and I shouted, “JESUS IS LORD!  JESUS IS LORD! LOOK TO JESUS NOW!

God brought confusion to them. The gang-fight broke up, the tough-guys jumped into their cars and sped away! The crowd began to disperse.  WE CONTINUED TO WITNESS AND LEAD PEOPLE TO CHRIST.

Daylin took this picture of my holding up  my Bible and witnessing to the gang fighters!


A fine young man, Javonn, accepted Christ, then began to follow us and witness. We gave him witnessing booklets. The next day he brought us a list of those he had led to Christ. Every day he found our teams and went with them to witness.

I told Javonn not to be surprised if God calls him to preach the Gospel.


                                                             Daylin Practicing Lifeline Presentation            Kevin, Darrell, Daylin                Witnessing Seminary Students



Pastor Mark Reon, Jackson Memorial Baptist Church, invited Darrell to preach his sermon, “The Rope Was Too Short,” to emphasize Evangelism and Personal Soulwinning by leaders and members. Some one hundred and fifty people came forward to openly commit themselves to witness and seek to lead the lost to Christ. It was good to be with Mark and family again.


Since January for the past six months, Robin has been very involved in ministering to soldiers and their families as their Chaplain in the U. S. Army. He preaches on the base and in the field, counsels, encourages and builds morale, and leads soldiers to come to faith in Christ.

Robin recently returned from fifteen days of Summer Duty where he and the soldiers were in the field doing maneuvers, sleeping in tents, and enduring extreme heat.

He has preached, taught evangelism, led Bible Studies, counseled, taken care of daily details, and ministered through Total Church Life Ministries.


These times are making it more difficult for ministries like Total Church Life due to the economy nationally and the devaluation of the dollar internationally. Should others like to help financially, please contact us or send support to the following address. Kathy and I serve as Volunteers with NO SALARY NOR INCOME FROM TCL MINISTRIES. The total amount of every gift goes directly into MISSIONS/EVANGELISM.

With our appreciation and prayers,

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