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Darrell Robinson
May 5, 2007


Ministry in Brazil -- March 1-16, 2007:

I arrived in Sao Luiz, Brazil and drove with Missionary Marcelo for four hours to Bacabal in the southern area of the state of Maranhao.  We trained some 100 pastors and leaders in TCL Evangelism Strategy on Friday and Saturday.  They committed themselves to reach the lost for Christ and plant new churches.  Immediately we returned to Sao Luiz arriving at 3:15 AM.  On the way we stopped in Itapecuru Mirim and Rosario to plan for our team's People Sharing Jesus Project in July 2007.  On Sunday morning we checked out the hotel in Sao Luiz for the team, then went to the church that will host part of the team.

Bacabal Brazil Pastors & Leaders TCL

On Sunday afternoon I flew to Belem where I preached on Sunday Night and began the training of leaders at Argula Baptist Church that continued through Tuesday PM.
On Wednesday night I began a TCL Conference with Pastor Moises and some 300 pastors and leaders of the Assemblies of God.  Assembly of God in Belem
Pastor Moises & Darrell

Pastor Moises had been involved in my TCL Conference at Argula Baptist last year.  He said, "TCL is what we need in the Assemblies."  SBC Missionary, Paul Lambach, encouraged me to do it.  He organized it and interpreted for me.  It was a delightful experience.  They were gracious and very responsive.  They made the commitment to seek to reach every person in their area with the Gospel.

I had the joy of preaching for my friend, Pastor Antonio, at Equatorial Baptist in Belem on Sunday morning and had a wonderful Brazilian lunch with friends, Vanja and Joao, at noon.

On Monday through Wednesday I had the blessing of leading a TCL Conference with Pastor Wilson Martins at Bairoo do Limao Baptist Church in Sao Paulo.  We trained 75 pastors and leaders.  They committed to implement TCL Strategy and reach every lost person in their areas with the Gospel.  SBC Missionary John Johnson graciously interpreted for me and picked me up and returned me to the airport.
March 21-25:  
God gave us a movement of the Holy Spirit in a People Sharing Jesus Revival at Crestview Baptst in Georgetown, TX with Pastor Dan Wooldridge.  He is a great pastor who has used TCL Strategy in leading his church to reach the lost and grow significantly.  We had professions of faith and many commitments for soulwinning.
March 26-27:
It was a joy to be with Southern Baptists of Texas Cross Timbers Association and DOM Dwaine Clower for their Evangelism Rally.  The Holy Spirit moved and blessed.
April 1-3:
In Greenville, TX with Ridgecrest Baptist Chruch, Pastor Kevin Herbert, and Hunt Association, DOM Rodney Williams, I had the joy of preaching, leading TCL Seminar, Incredibly Gifted, and overviewing Doctrine of Salvation.  Some two hundred people participated and God abundantly blessed.
April 17-19:
It was a privilege to overview TCL, PSJ, and Incredibly Gifted with Bruce Springer and his Senior Adult ministry at FBC, Woodstock, GA.
April 19-30:
Kathy and I flew from Atlanta, GA to Edinburgh, Scotland.  We spent the night in Edinburgh.  We met Jerry and Becky Drace (Jerry had invited us to be a part of this ministry), Marion and Judy Warren, and Tom and Betty McClendon and their daughters, marian and Hannah for dinner. 
Conference in Kirkwall - Orkney Islands
On Saturday we flew on a small plane to Kirkwall   in the Orkney Islands.  On Saturday night we had an Evangelism Dinner.  I shared the Gospel and several responded.
Sunday through wednesday I preached and taught.  Several made decisions for Christ.  Kathy led a Women's Meeting and they were very responsive.
Pastor Don Currie is doing an outstanding job in that remote area.  Don and his wife, Maggie, hosted us in their lovely home.  They are so gracious.  Don and the church committed to seek to reach every lost person in Kirkwall.
Kirkwall Pastor Don Currie
We had the delightful experience of seeing outstanding and ancient historRing of Brodgar - Orkney Islandical sites such as:  The Standing Stones of Stennis and the Ring of Brodgar (tall stones that were erected by the ancients in a circle). 
Skara Brae - 5,000 Yr. Old House Skara Brae  on the coast of the North Sea.  This is a stone village dated at 5,000 BC.  Storms and waves have unearthed stone houses with stone furniture--seating, table, cabinet, bed, and fireplace.  The only thing missing was Fred Flintstone!  We expected Fred to step out at any moment to greet us (HA!).  We saw the WWII Chapel built by Italian prisoners of war and several other unusual sites.

Back to the mainland of Scotland, we toured castles such as Glamis Castle, Crathes Castle, and the ancient ruins of Dunnotar on the rocky coast of Northeastern Scotland.  We had dinner at the 1,500's Dreel Tavern where King James II had stayed.  We visited and shopped in Edinburgh where we had previously toured the Castle.  We spent two nights in St. Andrews a block away from the famous Golf Course.

Ruins of Dunnotar Castle - North Sea Coast of Scotland



On Sunday, at Whytes Causeway in Kirkcalde with Pastor David Norczyk, I summarized TCL Strategy during Sunday School, then, preached at the morning service.  God gave a harvest.  Two Scottish adults received Christ.  Ten immigrant Romanians came into the service and sat at the back.  One of them spoke English.  I asked him to interpret for the others.  All ten came forward when I gave the invitation.  The church people held back while the guests ate first in case there was not enough food. What a gracious people they are. 
Invitation in Kirkcalde, Whytes Causeway Baptist
Pastor David Norczyk, Whytes Causeway Baptist, Kirkcalde
Pastor David is outstanding.  He is working on his doctorate at the University.  He is committed to implement TCL Stategy. 
We have experienced that pastors, churches, and people everywhere are open to TCL Strategy because it is based on Biblical principles that are eternal and universal.  We praise God that He allows us to be involved in what He is doing in so many places.

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