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Darrell Robinson
January - December 2005

Total Church Life Ministry in 2005

1/2  On January 2 our 2005 ministry began in a Nursing Home where one of the volunteers prayed and received Christ.  What a way to begin a new year with God's blessing! 
1/9-12  God worked wonderfully in revival and soulwinning at Matlock Baptist Church, Jackson, SC where Pastor Mark Riser, reserve US Army Chaplain, serves effectively.  More than 40 decisions were made.  Matlock is one of the oldest churches in the USA.  Some of the people said it was the greatest revival they ever had.

1/21-23  At Hillcrest Baptist, Amarillo, TX where he pastored in 1965, Darrell preached 4 times for the church's 50th Anniversary Celebration.  God blessed with encouragement and many made commitments to witness for Christ. 


1/30  Darrell preached and Kathy sang at the Jefferson County Baptist Association Evangelsim Conference.  New Market Baptist where Pastor J.W. Taylor and Evangelist Jeff Harvel are leading the church in TCL Strategy and People Sharing Jesus witness training hosted the Conference.  The church is experiencing dynamic growth.  Two professed faith in Christ and some 300 made commitments for soul-winning.



2/11-18  Kathy and Darrell ministered in Belem; Itapecuru Mirim; Forteleza; and Marijo Island, Brazil.  In Belem pastors, leaders, and seminary students were trained in PSJ and went out to lead many to Christ in their homes. 

               Missionary Pilot, Andy Kennedy flew Darrell and Kathy to Marijo Island.  While Andy tied down the plane on the landing strip, God gave Darrell the opportunity to lead three Indian men to a profession of faith in Christ.


                Darrell and Kathy went on to Itapecuru Mirim where they stayed in the home of Edna, a psychologist, and Philemon, a pharmacist.  The temp was 100 degrees with no air conditioning, however, God blessed them with an electric fan.  Some 250 pastors, leaders, and members participated in TCL seminar.  Kathy sang and was a real hit with the young people.  After the service they requested Kathy to sing a special song--"The Star Spangled Banner."  She did it beautifully from memory with no music.


                 More than 100 participated in PSJ and went out wintessing on Wednesday night in the rain.  Some 35 people made professions of faith.  Kathy went out with Marcelo, their interpreter, and a young woman.  They led a family of five to Christ.  Pastor Reinaldo and Darrell were asked to visit Marcos, a boy who was dying with cancer, and his mother.  Pastor Reinaldo spoke no English and Darrell spoke limited Portuguese.  But, God moved mightily.  Darrell shared the "Lifeline" presentation of the Gospel.  Both Marcos and his mom prayed and confessed Christ.  They asked Darrell to tell them about dying.  It was a moving experience to share Bible promises of the death of a believer.  God surely intervened with an outpouring of His Spirit.                                                         

                                                                      Boy with cancer and Mother receive Christ.

                                          Boy with cancer and Mother receive Christ                                                                        

                 In beautiful Forteleza The Baptist College hosted the TCL Seminar.  Samara and Luiz, the interpreters, were outstanding young adults.  Many pastors expressed appreciation.  On Sunday Darrell preached on radio and in a church. 

                Our time in Northeast Brazil was greatly blessed.



                March was a time of unique ministries.

3/4-8       Immediately after returning from Brazil, Darrell boarded a plane for Portland, OR and led an Incredibly Gifted Seminar for High Desert Baptist Association and DOM Aaren Gushwa.  On Sunday, he preached at FBC, Madras, OR where two adults made professions of faith and 50 committed to witness.


3/17        Darrell had the unusual opportunity of leading a new seminar, Successful Principles of Corporate Leadership, for Elsevier Corporation in New York City.   This assignment came about as Darrell sat by a believer on a plane to Brazil in October 2004.  This believer is VP for Marketing for Elsevier Corp, an international company with 7,000 employees in 70 countries.  He was on his way to Brazilia to confront clients who owed his company $2,000,000 and would not pay.  He asked, "Do you have any suggestions?" 

                 Darrell told him that he trains pastors to deal with conflict resolution, problem solving, presentation of a project or possibility, etc.  The man took thorough notes as Darrell shared material from Total Church Life chapters 4 & 8.  He thanked Darrell.  A few days later Darrell received an e-mail saying that it had worked wonderfully.  No conflict!  They will pay!

                 Then, he said that his staff in marketing neede to be taught these principles and asked if Darrell could come to NYC and train them.  The participants listened with undivided attention and shared with enthusiasm saying that it would be a real benefit and they could implement the principles immediately.  "I NEVER CEASE TO BE AMAZED ABOUT HOW GOD OPENS DOORS AND BLESSES.  I should not be surprised!  THAT IS JUST LIKE GOD!," exclaimed Darrell. 

3/20-23    The next assignment was difficult!  Darrell led a church in TCL Strategy.  The church was having problems.  Some of the leaders were attacking the pastor and they led in boycotting the seminar.  Much time was spent encouraging the pastor and family. 



4/1-6         God gave a great revival at FBC, Henderson, TX with pastor Dr. Jere Wilson.  Two families from Darrell's former pastorates, the Doug Mills and the David Hills, are instrumental in leading members.  People were saved and God encouraged the pastor and church. 

4/10-13      That week Pastor Mark Moore, Lakeside Baptist, Canton, TX called and asked Darrell to fill in for an evangelist who cancelled because of a sudden illness.  The meeting was outstanding.  The preparation and music were tremendous.  Mark is an outstanding pastor and has led the church in consistent growth. 

4/22-24       Darrell had the joy of leading a TCL Strategy Seminar at Main Street Baptist, Grand Saline, TX with Pastor Kevin Herbert.  He is leading the church to grow effectively in a small town. 



5/1-4           Darrell and Kathy had the joy of leading a PSJ Seminar and Revival at FBC, Vernon, TX with Dr. Derrell Monday.  Darrell pastored this great church in the early 1970's.  Their former Music Leaders, Al and Belinda Jordan, led the music.  It was a joy!  God saved people and many made commitments to witness.

5/22-27       The next week Darrell went across West Texas leading Incredibly Gifted Seminars with Evangelism Director, Don Cass.  They did seminars in Lubbock, Odessa, Abilene, and Ranger, TX.  Don is doing a great job leading in Evangelism.                



6/9-14          Darrell and Robin participated in the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists and Crossover Nashville.

               Darrell and Kathy began to prepare to move from Kennesaw, GA to Conroe, TX.



7/2-10          Another trip to Brazil--Piracicaba, Sao Paulo.  Darrell was with Pastor Elias and First Baptist Church.  He is using TCL Strategy.  Darrell led them in PSJ Saturation.  Many were trained and many saved that week.  Pastor Elias is an outstanding pastor.  Pastors and churches came from great distances and participated.

                     Darrell continued on to Maua, Sao Paulo and led a TCL Seminar, then, back home.

7/12-15      Darrell had the joy of teaching Evangelism at Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, MO. 

                     IN JULY WE TOOK A GIANT STEP OF FAITH--ROBIN ROBINSON JOINED TCL MINISTRIES TO HELP!  It was a real step of faith for Robin, Jody, Ryan, and Rachel (who would be born on Sept. 2, 2005).  They moved to Spring, TX.  Robin is preaching in churches and leading seminars.  God guided Darrell and Kathy to the house of their choice in Conroe, TX.



8/1                On Aug. 1, Darrell and Kathy made the significant move.  They are near Bush Intercontinental Airport and near several of their family.  What a blessing!

8/16             Robin andDarrell led a TCL Seminar for the Baptist Association in Athens, TX.

8/27-31       Darrell had a rich experience of revival with Pastor Bilie Friel and FBC, Mt. Juliet, TN.  God did a marvelous work.  Many were saved and hundreds committed to witness.  Pastor Billie, his staff, and church are doing a fabulous job.  They have many ministries including a 12 grade school. 



9/2               Darrell and Kathy welcomed their eleventh grandchild into this world.  Rachel was born to Robin and Jody.  She is a beautiful baby girl.

9/11            Darrell had the blessing of preaching for Dr. Cliff Mayton and Memorial Baptist, recently relocated to a growing area just south of Conroe.  What a tremendous church with a great opportunity. 

9/17-30     A rich blessing for Darrell was to be with his friend, Dr. Charles Clark, and Graves County Association, Mayfield, KY for a TCL Seminar and two small churches with excellent pastors for revivals.  The churches are Viola Baptist, Pastor Wayne Rambo and South First Street Baptist, Pastor David Key.  They did a lot of personal soulwinning and people made professions of faith in the services.  The pastors and churches were encouraged and Darrell was refreshed in the Lord.  While Darrell was away, Kathy, Robin and family dealt with the threat of Hurricane Rita.  It turned east and missed ther area.


                    Praise the Lord!  Darrell & Kathy's house in Kennesaw sold!

10/17         Darrell and Kathy led a revival in an African American church at Stone Mountain, GA.  They were with Dr. Albert Holmes and White Oak Hills Baptist.  God gave an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit.  Many were saved.  The music was so good and worshipful.  The people and pastor were gracious to Darrell and Kathy. 

10/25         Darrell preached for the North Arkansas Baptist Evangelism Rally.  It was a moving experience.  Dir. Of Evangelism, Ray Edwards and DOM Royce Sweatman are effective leaders and prepared well.

10/26-30  Darrell went on to be with FBC, Clay City, IL and Pastor Brad Harris. They had a wonderful revival with several saved.  This is the home church of the Schnautz family.  Paul and Ray were in Pasadena Church where Darrell pastored..  Ray was visiting his mother during the revival.  Darrell was surprised that Ray Schnautz was with Pastor Brad when he met Darrell at the airport.  The meeting was a time of rejoicing.



11/4-6       Darrell had a special time of ministry leading a PSJ Seminar in Elko, NV.  The people who participated got "on fire for the Lord and for souls."  Several were saved during the weekend.  Darrell made many new friends.  Pray for the church.  They are seeking a pastor to lead them in this strategic goldmine area of northern Nevada.

11/10-13  Darrell and Kathy had the joy of being with their dear friends, Dr. James and Barbara Brandon in Boise, Idaho.  James is President of the new Idaho Baptist College and pastors Anchor Baptist Church.  Darrell spoke at the annual Idaho Baptist College Banquet and preached at the church.   

11/17-19  Darrell and Kathy drove to Mobile, AL.  George Bangs, ICON Computing Solutions, Inc. hosted a breakfast meeting for the Mobile TCL Team.  George, Len Chilton, Jim and La Juanna Kotis, Patrick Henry, Jack Granade, Ed and Sally Massey, David DeGruy, Bobby and Mary Morton, Archie and Fay Richardson, Kathy, and Darrell attended.  The team was greatly encouraging.

11/24        Darrell and Kathy had a good time with their family for Thanksgiving.


11/27-12/14  Crusades and TCL Training for an estimated 500-700 pastors in Kenya.



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