Total Church Life Ministries
March 31, 2012

Many of you have responded to support us in Total Church Life Ministries. Thank you for your prayers and help in supplying for us to obey Jesus in carrying out the Great Commission.

Ministry Ahead
During the next three months we have tremendous opportunities and challenges. We wish all of you could be with us. Perhaps some of you can come to some of the places where we will be. But, all can be with us in prayer for God’s anointing and for His mighty work in these meetings.

Big Spring –April 6-12
Back home to Big Spring, TX where I grew up for ministry with Berea Baptist Church where we served as their first full time pastor almost fifty years ago. We hope to see those of you who live in that area at the Revival meeting on Easter Sunday, April 8 through April 12. On Friday, April 6, and Saturday, April 7 I will lead a People Sharing Jesus Seminar to train the people in witness and then to go to the streets and homes to witness.

San Saba – April 13-15
On our way home we will go through San Saba to help The Church of the Open Door and Pastor Bruce Craig to develop their Strategic Evangelism Plan by leading a Total Church Life Seminar. We will be there on April 13 – 15. Please pray for this pastor and church who have a passion to reach the lost.

Grapevine, TX – April 18
I will be at the Southern Baptist of Texas office on April 18 for an Evangelism Committee Meeting.

Clay City, Illinois – April 20 -25
Pastor Brad Harris and FBC have a great passion for Revival and for Soulwinning. They are hosting Synergistic Evangelism Seminar on Saturday, April 21 at 9 AM for the Central Illinois area. On April 22 – 25 we will have a revival/harvest meeting. They have a strong and encouraging ministry.

Marquez, TX – Vanetia Baptist Church – April 28-May 2
Pastor Louis Neyland and Vanetia Baptist Church are committed to reach every person in their Primary Ministry Area for Christ. We will help them on Saturday, April 28 with People Sharing Jesus Seminar followed by saturation evangelism. We will go to the homes of people to Share Christ.
Revival Meeting will be Sunday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 2. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Vanetia.

Redding, California – May 3-10
Dr. Aaren Gushwa and Faith Community Church are hosting our Synergistic Evangelism Seminar for the Northern California Area. Then, we will have Total Church Conferences in adjoining associations. Pray for a mighty movement of God to penetrate this large and unreached area for Christ!

Liberal, KS – May 17-21
We will have the joy of visiting family and friends at FBC, Liberal, KS. I will speak for the high school graduation of our granddaughter, Natalie Robinson. Congratulations Natalie!

Italy – Romania – Albania – May 27 – June 12
Darrell and Odilon, TCL Coordinator in Brazil, will lead in Evangelism in these European countries.

Milan – May 29: Launch the book People Sharing Jesus in the Italian language.
Darrell will train the Italian churches and leaders with PSJ material to equip their people to witness.

Torino – May 30: Launch People Sharing Jesus in the Italian language.

Romania – June 1-6: Train the people with Total Church Life Strategy. Preach in churches.

Albania – June 7-10: Train the Albanian people and pastors in TCL Strategy.

Milan – June 11
Return Home – June 12
Please join us in prayer for these challenging Evangelistic Events!

Recently I heard a Gospel Song that really encouraged me. It said something like, “God, when things don’t seem to be going good for me, I’m Gonna Believe that You are Up to Something Good!”

Surgery Needed
This has been a year in which God has worked through all things for good. After a strenuous and physically difficult 2011, I began 2012 with my doctor saying that I needed immediate back surgery to enable me to walk. My response was, “I have commitments in January that I cannot cancel and maintain my integrity. So we planned my surgery, Lumbar Laminectomy, for February 6. The doctor gave me pain medication to help me function for the month ahead.

For a number of years my feet were numb and tingling. It spread to my legs and hips. They treated me with cortisone shots which helped for an extended time. I came to the point of falling as I walked along. I agreed with the surgeon that surgery was essential.

January Involvements
God moved greatly in our ministries in January. They included Neches River Association Evangelism Rally in Groveton, TX with DOM, Dr. Bill Jones. Pastors and churches made commitments to take the Gospel to every home in their areas. They have been following through that Great Commission Commitment.

Then, God allowed me to help Dr. Marty Dupree, Evangelism Leader in North Carolina with an outstanding Vocational Evangelist’s Retreat. God did a mighty work in the lives of Evangelists.

From North Carolina, I went to Kansas City, MO to teach a course in Personal Evangelism at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The students were outstanding. I trained them to witness during class time. In the afternoons we went out on the streets and led people to Christ.

The next week we ministered in Mobile, AL where we celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage and ministry together of our dear friends Dr. Bobby and Mary Morton. I spoke at the celebration, then, on Sunday had the privilege of preaching for Pastor Mike Bedford at College Park Baptist Church. Many decisions were made for Christ. Our Total Church Life Board of Trustees had an encouraging meeting to review our 2011 ministry.

Back in Texas my final ministry before surgery was with Dr. Marcus Sheffield, pastor and FBC, Mexia, TX. Dr. Sheffield is committed to lead the church to take the Gospel to every home in their area. He invited me to help train his people in witnessing through teaching People Sharing Jesus Seminar. Many made the decision to be a team with their pastor to reach the lost in Mexia for Christ.

It was a difficult month to keep going in spite of pain. God blessed mightily with decisions for Christ and enabled me to continue. At one event as I was speaking, my legs gave way and I was about to fall. Fortunately I was able to reach out and hold on to something on the platform to stabilize myself. The day of the surgery came on February 6 after I had completed my January commitments.

Successful Surgery
Surgeon Bonadventure Ngu did an excellent work as he relieved the nerves affected by Spinal Stenosis so that my feet, legs, and hips could work normally. Dr. Ngu is a Believer and became my friend.

After four weeks of recovery, it was a privilege to be with Pastor John Cole at Woodforest Baptist, Jacksonville, TX to help with People Sharing Jesus Seminar and Saturation. We trained the people, they committed to join Pastor John to join him in being a team to reach the lost of that area for Jesus. It was good to be with John again after almost fifty years. We had worked together in a revival in Big Spring, TX almost fifty years ago. John has difficulty walking also. He struggles to walk even with a cane. When I was with him, I used a cane. He and I went out as partners to witness home to home. WHAT A SIGHT WE WERE – struggling to get out of the car, making our way to the doors and knocking. But, we did it and God blessed our visits. People were saved! One WWII Veteran who seldom went anywhere accepted Christ. The only way he would ever be saved was for someone to go to his home and find him. Praise the Lord! Pray for John Cole and his church.

After we left Jacksonville, Kathy drove me to Greenville, TX where I led a Synergistic Evangelism Seminar for Hunt Association and my friend, Dr. Jim Gatlin. Jim is leading the Hunt Association to share Christ with every person in the county, to start churches, and disciple Believers.

“I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)

What a joy it is to know that God can use us when we feel good and when we don’t. Obedience to Christ and His Commission is the key to Fruitfulness and Victory!


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