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Recently I returned from Grammado, Brazil where Odilon dos Santos Pereira, our Total Church Life Consultant for Brazil and I had a tremendous ministry in equipping and engaging many pastors and leaders to lead their churches to Share Jesus. Many will utilizes Vida Total da Igreja (Total Church Life Strategy). I had the joy of sharing Jesus personally with many people and spoke to the Pastor’s Conference of the Brazilian Baptist Convention. When I returned, I gave a report to my Sunday School Class and gave them a little promotional calendar of our ministry in Brazil with Odilon’s contact info on it. Our Director Ron Anderson graciously wrote an email to Odilon and received the response below. He gave me permission to send it to you as it gives some history of TCL work in Brazil. You may read it below.


Brother Odilon you do not know me, my name is Ron Anderson and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great care and guidance you give our precious brother Darrell Robinson every time he visits your country. Brother Darrell is in our bible study class and is a great asset to us and we really love him. He has spoken about you on many occasions and thanks God for your presence there, he says you are doing a mighty work there in Brazil. Our class prays for Darrell's safety going, while he is there and his return every time he goes. We pray for you as well Bro. Odilon on your continued ministry. May God keep you safe and well forever, good bye to you sir.

Dear Brother, Ron Anderson!
I and my wife Olga are very grateful for your message! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! We really need much prayers. The challenges of Brazil are immense, and there are still many people without hearing the good news of the gospel. We are grateful to God for the precious life of Dr. Darrell Robinson and his wife Kathy. They are very important in our lives and have deeply marked our lives and ministry. The first time I met Brother Darrell was in 1982, when I was still young, a young pastor. I attended a Total Church Life seminar in Sao Paulo, and was profoundly impacted, and since then I have been blessed abundantly through his teachings, experiences, and have his life as a model for my life. He's been really my mentor for 33 years. God has given me the opportunity to absorb and apply the TCL principles in my own life, and in all my pastorates over the years. God has given me also the opportunity to train pastors, leaders and believers in general, helping them to become soul winners for Christ, and thousands of people have been reached for Christ in Brazil and other countries through "Vida Total da Igreja" (Total Church Life in Portuguese). Praise the Lord! We are thankful for the love and prayers of this Sunday School Class. Please, keep praying for us always.
God bless you!
We love you all!
Odilon and Olga - Your Missionaries in Brazil.


Pastor Odilon dos Santos Pereira
(13) 3251-1948 - 99783-4411
Facebook: Odilon e Olga Pereira

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