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Darrell Robinson
January - March 2006



     Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary had elected me to teach Evangelism as Distinguished Professor of Evangelism.  I taught a modular course on Strategic Local Church Evangelism to a class of 24 students.  On two afternoons we took students to neighborhoods and on the streets of Kansas City to share Christ in Saturation Evangelism.  Several were saved and students lives were changed by implementing what they were learning.    

     God marvelously blessed our People Sharing Jesus Seminar at the great Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA where Pastor Craig Oliver is effectively leading this large African American Church.  Hundreds of members participated and shared Christ daily.  On Wednesday night 12 adults came forward to confess Christ.  Dr. Jerome King, Professor of Preaching at Luther Rice Seminary is consulting them in strategic Evangelism.  Evangelism Director, Letra McCoy did an outstanding job preparing for PSJ.  
     I had the joy of preaching at the Alabama Baptist Evangelism Conference hosted by Dauphin Way Baptist, Mobile, AL.     
     Memorial Baptist Church has recently located in a new and growing area just south of the Woodlands, TX.  We had a well attended Total Church Life Conference there with pastor, Dr. Cliff Mayton.  He is leading the church to implement TCL Strategy.  We are excited about the church and joined there.  One Sunday afternoon, 93 members went out into the neighborhoods in Operation Saturation.  600 homes were visited, two adults received Christ, and many prospects were discovered.  It was a real confidence builder for the people when some are saying, "You can't do that any more.  People in these affluent neighborhoods do not want to be bothered by your coming to their home."  But, there was not one negative response.  People were welcomed graciously. 

     With much appreciation for your prayers and Praise for Our Lord, I returned from a month of ministry in Northeast Brazil and the Amazon area.  My friend, Rev. Bobby Morton, Mobile, AL accompanied me and was such a blessing.  He did an excellent job in soulwinning, preaching, and teaching.    
     A Divine Appointment happened on the flight from Houston to Miami.  I was assigned a middle seat (which I detest).  But, it was a divine appointment I prayed for.  In the aisle seat was a tall, blonde, young lady.  We got acquainted.  Jae is from Australia and plays women's professional basketball for Arizona.  She was headed for Madrid, Spain to play basketball for a month.  She asked what I do.  As I told her, I shared my testimony and showed her the Lifeline Illustration of the Gospel (a visual tool to share the gospel that I developed).  When I asked her to pray, she wept and poured out her heart to God.  She committed her life to Christ.  She said, "I am going to be a Missionary to Women's Basketball."
     In three states and Marajo Island we trained some 900 pastors and leaders in Total Church Life Strategy and People Sharing Jesus witnessing process.  God gave us many unique experiences with Christians, churches, and in sharing Christ with the lost.  Many of the churches are poor, small, and struggling, but they are remaining faithful to our Lord and His commission.  People are open to receive a witness for Christ.

     JuarzeiroWe arrived here after a plane and bus ride of 44 hours to be with Brazilian Missionary Washington.  He is leading in starting new churches in this heavily Catholic dominated area.  Fifty enthusiastic pastors and leaders were trained in Total Church Life.  One night a truck with a loud boom box parked just under our window and turned up their music to a deafening level so that we could not hear.  We prayed and I went down to speak to them.  As I approached, they sped away. 

     Five men were gathered around motor cycles.  I walked up, told them what we were doing and invited them in.  Then, I began to share the gospel with them.  They were receptive and all five prayed and confessed Chrsit.  God used a negative disruption for His Glory.

      Forteleza -   is a beautiful city on the northeastern Brazilian Atlantic coast.  We trained pastors and leaders at the Seminary and preached in several churches.  God blessed with several people saved in the churches and through personal witness.  Executive Secretary of the Ceara Baptist Convention, Pastor Parmenas and Assistant Luiz Sobinho invited me to return to Forteleza with a team to lead churches in People Sharing Jesus witness/saturation.  Please pray with me about this possibility.


On the flight from Forteleza to Sao Luiz God gave me a wonderful experience.  A beautiful, young Brazilian woman sat across the aisle.  I got acquainted and began to share Christ.  She is a medical student at the University studying to be a doctor.  She joyfully prayed and confessed Christ!  She committed to live for Christ.

Brazilan medical student


      Sao Luiz, MaranhaoBrazilian Missionary Marcelo met us at the plane.  He directs church planting in the state and invited me to train 100 pastor/church planters in TCL.  We stayed in his home with his family,  lovely wife, Neuzita, and fine children, Leticia, Pedro, and Juninho.  Marcelo is one of the best equippers of church planters. 
     Caxias -  in the interior was our first assignment.  The town had just been impacted by a horrifying, brutal murder of a young woman.  Her boss, Virna, is an executive in the city government.  She is a committed Christian with a gift of administration.  She did the preparation for the TCL Conference.  The people of the city were open to the gospel after the tragedy.  God blessed with numbers being saved and around 100 in the conference.    

     Sao Bento - We drove for six hours through muddy, difficult roads and arrived in the late afternoon.  They were having the Brazilian Carnival (comparable to Mardi Gras in the USA).  What an opportunity to witness, but the pastor and church were afraid to go on the streets.  Marcelo, Bobby, and I captured the opportunity.  Bobby led a young woman to Christ and I led her male companion to a confession of faith.

     The Carnival parade started.  Music was loud and people were orderly.  We handed out Steps to Peace with God tracts.  Suddenly confusion broke out and the parade dispersed.  A disturbed man with a knife attacked a vendor.  She was OK but scared.  This gave us a spcecial opportunity .  We began to shout, "No peace here!  Peace is in Christ!" 


     Pinheiro is another remote city that was celebrating Carnival.  We trained pastors and leaders in Total Church Life and taught them how to share Christ.  On Saturday night we walked from our meeting place to the downtown area and the Carnival center.  On the way numbers of people were led to Christ.  God gave me the opportunity to lead six men in the front of a bar to Christ as I shared the Gospel with them.  A little farther down the street was a man doing a slight of hand gambling operation.  Several men were standing around.  I walked up and began to present the Gospel.  The man leading the gambling stopped.   A drunk began to cry, but there was no other response.  Praise the Lord, He allowed us to sow to many the gospel seed.

     Several of the people rejoiced that they were able to lead people to Christ!  Some of the pastors had been leading their people to go on retreats during the Carnival.  Several came back saying that they were going home to train their people and lead them out to win people to Christ during the Carnival.

     It was here that I got some bad food and had severe stomach problems for the next week.


     Sao LuizBack to Sao Luiz--we went across the bay on a ferry.  I preached a street crusade.  Several people in the neighborhood were saved that night. 

     The next day I taught People Sharing Jesus to one of the churches.  Then, we went on the streets witnessing.  We led numbers of people to Christ.  I had the joy of leading six to a confession of faith including three young men who were playing soccer on the street.  Later, I preached at a Harvest Rally for the church.  Several more were saved.


     Belem -  From here we accompanied SBC Missionary Andy Kennedy on a tour of four interior places including the jungle towns of Breves, Tucurui, and Maraba.  We, also went to Briganca.  During this time, my stomach got worse.  I developed fever and chills, but God gave me the strength to make each teaching and preaching engagement and to witness for Christ.

     God gave us many victories.  A unique thing happened in Breves.  The young pastor, wife, and two young children live in a one room shack.  They have no money to feed and school their 9 year old daughter, so she lives with her grandmother across the Amazon.  His church promised him a salary, but, when he arrived, they cut it in half.  He was totally defeated and drpressed.  We had the opportunity to train him and his church to reach the lost.

     After walking for a mile through mud and mud-holes carrying our equipment, I taught them Jesus' strategy to reach Breves for Christ and to lead a person to Christ.  I taught them that it is a Go Tell and Not a Come Hear Strategy!  To illustrate  I hurried to the front door of the church and began to shout,  "Come hear!  Come hear!"  Three guys were at a table drinking in the front of the bar next door.  I went back to the front and continued teaching.  Would you believe, the three guys appeared at the front open windows.  One had no shirt.  One was drunk.  I began to share in my presentation things that might impact them.  Bobby and Andy saw them and went out and led two of them to Christ.  The other was too drunk to communicate.  God uses all kinds of things to bring people to Christ!

     Back to Belem -  I began a TCL Conference at Argulha Baptist Church with Pastor Edvaldo.  The power of the Holy Spirit moved through the church, pastors, and leaders.  SBC Missionary Dr. Paul Lambach and the pastor did a great job preparing.  One of the participants was Pastor Moises, the Assembly of God leader in the area.  He was so moved and impressed that he invited me to come back and train the Assembly of God leaders and churches in TCL Strategy and People Sharing Jesus training for witnessing.  He said he would have 30 churches to come together for training and Harvest Evangelism.  Interestingly, the Assembly of God movement in Brazil had its beginning in Belem.

     Back HomeAndy Kennedy gave me some anti-diarrhea tablets and I took antibiotics.  By the time we left Belem, my stomach was greatly imporved. 

     Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  Continue to pray for our missionaries, pastors, and churches in this difficult area of Brazil. 

With joy and prayers,

Darrell Robinson

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