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PSJ - Here's How It Works

Here's How It Works

People Sharing Jesus comes as a complete packet with all the following items or individually:


People Sharing Jesus Book Inspires and equips readers to
1) experience moment-by-moment victories that liberate them to
share Jesus with others, 
2) know the joy of ministering to others at their unique level of
spiritual interest and need, and 3) work in partnership with the
Holy Spirit, taking advantage of day-to-day sharing opportunities.
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People Sharing Jesus Abridged Audio This summary of 
the book will allow on-the-go listeners to grab the best of
Sharing Jesus.

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People Sharing Jesus Dramatized Training Video 
Through humorous vignettes and demonstrations of the principles
taught in the book, each of the 12 video sessions powerfully
communicates the concepts found in
People Sharing Jesus Media
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People Sharing Jesus Audio Seminar Four 90-minute
cassettes capture the power of
People Sharing Jesus
in a live
seminar. Click
HERE for a list of distinguished contributors.
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People Sharing Jesus Leader's Guide Includes practical
tips on how to maximize the impact of
People Sharing Jesus in
your church or organization, and helps you teach - whether using
the book, the audio seminar, or the dramatized video.

bible.gif (86969 bytes) People Sharing Jesus New Testament with Psalms &
Proverbs (NKJV)
Includes helpful evangelistic outlines, 
key issues and answers, and other helpful study tools. Additionally, 
there are 31 inspirational daily devotionals by Calvin Miller.
  (Paperback $9.00, Leather $20.00)

With such a comprehensive selection of products available, People Sharing Jesus is ideally suited for most any setting.

  • Group study Worship services
  • Special seminars Sunday/Wednesday night classes
  • Retreats
  • Individual study

People Sharing Jesus is a flexible tool, fitting any time frame or budget. Those who need to stretch their dollars can use the questions in People Sharing Jesus to effectively lead a group, while those with more resources can use the audio seminar or the dramatized video for even greater impact. People Sharing Jesus will transform your audience into an army of sensitive, caring witnesses for Christ.

This unique training system is a perfect fit for today's fast-paced lifestyle. No gimmicks. No manipulation. No doubts. Just a natural, fresh approach to evangelism that will unleash people to share the Good News with others where they live, work, and play.

"I am thrilled about the possibilities for People Sharing Jesus, I have sensed God's overshadowing leadership in bringing about it's publication at this time. It connects with today as a Christ-centered and person-centered personal witnessing approach. People Sharing Jesus reveals the life-changing keys needed to enjoy confident, natural, faith-sharing experiences in today's seemingly indifferent society."

Dr. Darrell W. Robinson



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