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TLC Information Brochure

  "This strategy can help any church to fulfill its evangelistic purpose." - Rev. Billy Graham

  How to be a first century church in a 21st century world.

  What is Total Church Life (TCL)?

TCL is a strategy for evangelistic church growth without gimmicks. It shows a healthy body of Christ will: Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saints and Evangelize the Sinner. TCL shows churches how to emphasize conversion-growth by the Total Penetration of the church's community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Total Penetration only can be accomplished through the Total Participation of the church membership. TCL is a practical strategy that can result in the evangelization of every person in the United States. It has proven so effective that thousands of churches and many state conventions have already adopted the strategy.

  Why teach TCL in my church?

TCL can help church leaders and members:

1. Create a strategy to reach the community for Jesus Christ.

2. Catch the vision to function as a New Testament church.

3. Launch the plateaued church into a growing church.

4. Change a declining church into a growing church.

5. Equip church members for evangelistic witness.

6. Increase baptisms.

  How much time will it take?

TCL is completely flexible to meet the needs of your congregation. The Teacher's Guide presents 6 flexible formats to present the material in eight 60-90 minute sessions.

  How does a church prepare for TCL?

-Pray for the church's receptivity to church growth

-Involve the church leaders

-Involve the church evangelism or mission development council.

- Order the materials and prepare to teach it to the congregation or contact the state evangelism director for a trained leader.

-Promote TCL training through announcements, brochures, the church newsletter, and through a testimony from a church where TCL has been successful. Use enrollment cards in the Sunday School.


Click here for a description of the TCL training materials.

"Total Church Life by Darrell Robinson, lives up to its desideratum to exalt,
equip, and evangelize. No pastor should be without this book."
- D. James
Kennedy, Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Darrell Robinson has written a book which, if followed, will doubtless result
in the blessings of God on any church in a unique way."
- Paige Patterson,
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Darrell Robinson has written a book that will help the entire congregation
(including church leaders) understand their involvement, needed participation,
and Christian responsibilities to the body of Christ. At Greenforest Baptist
Church we have adopted Total Church Life as part of our discipleship curriculum, which we expect every member to complete."
- George O McCalep Jr., Pastor, Greenforest Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

"Darrell Robinson writes not as a theoretician, but as a practitioner, and his
message rings with the authenticity of one who has fallen in love with Jesus."
- Robert E. Coleman, Director of the School of World Mission and Evangelism, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

"This book will reset your leadership compass!" - John Vaughn, Church Growth Today, Bolivar, Missouri

"Total church life is a classic! This book has two strengths that make it stand 
head and shoulders above most books in the field. First it is thoroughly biblical. 
The evangelistic growth strategies in this book are based upon the firm foundation
of God's Word. Second, it is comprehensive. Total Church Life is not just a book;
it is a manual for God's work in the local church."
- Thom S. Rainer, Dean,
The Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth, 
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I would hope every church around the world could have the advantage of implementing this methodology for reaching the world through New Testament Churches." - Avery T. Willis, Jr., Senior Vice President, Overseas Operations, International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Twelve Actions for Implementing TCL Strategy

1. Lead the church in a Total Church Life Seminar

2. Preach through Total Church Life

3. Begin or revitalize a church evangelism council or team

4. Define a geographic area

5. Build an outreach file

6. Begin or revitalize a weekly evangelistic outreach

7. Set a baptism goal

8. Set evangelism as a priority in the entire church

9. Plan for assimilating new members

10. Schedule a leadership retreat

11. Conduct evangelism launch day

12 . Create an evangelism planning calendar

 "You will find this book to be biblical, balanced, and practical. If you will apply these principles in your church, God will give the increase." - Kenneth S. Hemphill, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

For more information about participating in or sponsoring a Total Church Life Seminar, call 1(281) 617-3411.

Dr. Darrell W. Robinson
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Conroe, TX 77384

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